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  1. l30786

    Please recommend some good books on mental disorder

    I was looking for some books (fiction or non fiction) which deals with mental disorder, especially Schizophrenia, preferably by Indian writer. I am looking for something like : Life is What you Make it Center Cannot Hold A Beautiful mind
  2. l30786

    What should a BCA student be focusing his time/effort on?

    Hello everyone, I am a BCA, 4th semester student in IGNOU (distance education). my current percentage is 50% and I am not expecting above that after I graduate. I am also planning on doing MCA from regular course if I can get into a good college. Since I am doing my current degree from...
  3. l30786

    How much creativity is needed for professional programmers?

    Hello everyone, I am a BCA - 4th semester student from IGNOU. I am pretty lost in terms of career decision right now. I am pretty average (if not below average) student. I was a pretty studious student back in 12 (85% in XII). But because of some unfortunate situations, I had to drop out of...
  4. l30786

    [Guwahati Members] List & Best ISP?

    I am getting new wired connection (since my exam is finished :-D) so that I can get back to online gaming.I am thinking about getting BSNL BBG Combo ULD 1350 but BSNL is not that good for playing multiplayer because I get high ping in Battlefield bad company 2 and Battlefield 3.So, I think my...
  5. l30786

    [Guwahati Members] List & Best ISP?

    how much does 3g cost? and how much speed I'll get? is it unlimited?
  6. l30786

    [Guwahati Members] List & Best ISP?

    I moved here two months ago.I had BSNL 1350UL plan before when I was at my place and I liked it.I mean it was OK for my online gaming addiction :-P But after moving here I got BSNL EVDO (micromex),man this is the worst connection I've ever had.I live in downtown and I get 4/5 kbps speed...
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