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    Post your latest Purchase

    1. AMD Athlon X4 II 640 | 4700/- 2. MSI 790GX Platinum ( BIOS updated for AM cpu) 3. MSI R4870 OC 4. Hitachi 160GB / WD Cavier Blue 320GB 5. Corsair GS600 | 3900/- 6. Lancool K62 RED AMD Edition. | 5200/- Parts with prices bought in July 2011 from PrimeABGB Mumbai. I will post my...
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    MSI Twin Frozr Safe Operating Range::

    Hey Madhu, I dont think you need to worry too much. Most of these high end cards have fail safe built into them, which means if the operating range goes beyond, it should automatically switch off meaning you will lose video. Restarting your PC after a few minutes will bring it back to...
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    [Query] Warranty on Asus Graphics card and motherboard

    Hello Digit lovers! I am from Mumbai and looking to buy: + Asus GTX 560 Ti 1GB Direct CU II video card + Asus Maximus IV Gene Z Z68 motherboard I have searched for hours on the internet regarding warranty on Asus video cards and motherboards but havent found any concrete information...
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