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  1. puneet.darji

    [Want to Buy] Tenkeyless mechanical keyboard ~6K

    Hi! Coming from developer background I'm into lot of coding. I have company's laptop which I connect with external monitor and keyboard for easy use. So to give my hands some relief I'm looking out for 87 key or you can say tenkeyless mechanical keyboard for approx 6k (any Cherry swictch). This...
  2. puneet.darji

    Which fonts???

    Finally got it!!! :-o Fonts are Andalé Mono Found out in wikipedia. link --> * Thanks..
  3. puneet.darji

    Which fonts???

    yup..!! Still searching but not finding out anything... :(
  4. puneet.darji

    Which fonts???

    Hi, I'm came across this screenshot and found out the fonts to be good. I want to download this fonts but could not find out. I even tried in What's the font but in vain.I think these fonts are used in ubuntu but not sure. Kindly if possible give me link where i can download the fonts...
  5. puneet.darji

    WTF? YouTube Upside Down !! ??? !!

    It would be some kind of April fools joke... lolzzzzzz :-P
  6. puneet.darji

    Mobile No. - How to know ?

    * check this link..
  7. puneet.darji

    [XP Theme] VistaVG Blue Refresh Theme for Windows XP

    Nice work man!!! keep it up...
  8. puneet.darji

    Restart.....DOnt knows?

    Yes its ram problem only..... You should follow the above instructions.......
  9. puneet.darji

    Passing enum as parameter (

    E.g. public Enum season winter=0 summer=1 end enum public Enum month jan=0 feb=1 end enum There are two different enums i want to pass in one common function like. pubic function fillenum(i send above enum as parameter) end function At the time of calling...
  10. puneet.darji

    Unable to use msconfig, cmd, regedit

    u will not be able to do it in safe mode i had the same problem finally i had to format my c drive to get rid of tht.... if possible try to look out for some file named 'svccihost.exe' tht appication would be having folder icon....or sum thing in ur c:\windows drive ...i think tht could be the...
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