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    Has my video card gone mad???

    Hi there ppl, some yrs back when I purchased a new PC all the openGL games(Quake3, Return 2 castle wolfenstien etc.) used to run smoothly on my PC but now these dont even start. I think both of the above mentioned games use same engine but wat about the other games? Now what can be done...
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    Will this game run on this configuration?

    I asked this bloddy f.u.c.k.i.n.g. question and nobody seems to answer. I dont give a damn if it runs very very slow. I just want it to work.
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    Will this game run on this configuration?

    Will san andreas run on P3 1ghz 128 mb sd 133 ram intel 810i gfx I am asking this bcoz I played vice city and gta3 on it. Also does San andreas comes in 6 cds???? My friend said that but the shopkeeper said it had 3 cds.
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    I tried to change the password of mozilla thunderbird. There are 3 fields i.e current pass; new pass; reenter new pass; I dont think i ever ever and ever assigned any password to tb. Please help me and tell me how to recover this pass.
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    Help needed!!!

    This is not what I wanted
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    diff b/w AGP n PCI...?

    In doubt::: Can PCI Gfx cards work on PCI E????
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    Help needed!!!

    Hi guys In my yet another project I have got lots of word docs and powerpoint slideshows. Is there any way that these files open up like the way slides open up in the the slideshow, one after the another at the click of the mouse button. Please dont recommend any other app except ms-office.
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    AMD 2800+

    Is AMD 64 2800+ worth buying or should I go for 3000+.
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    PATA and SATA

    Which one is better: PATA or SATA and why?
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Hiya guys :-) well is there any g-card in the range of 5000 bucks with 128 ram and which can play doom !!! and other upcoming games
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    Error when i run need for speed underground 2

    If you have nvidia 6800 then download the v1.2 patch available at gamespot
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    Multi theft auto

    This is a patch that allows you to play GTAs online. Next big thing (not in our country) :roll:
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    Thunderbird gone mad

    Hey now my browser i.e Firefox screwed up and is going like 5kbps on my 115kbps connection. Is this a virus tooo?
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    Thunderbird gone mad

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Virus virus And the best thing is I don't have any virus removal kit
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    How can we convert PDF to word format without using any additional tools? Want the answer fast.
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    Mysterious DVD?

    The same thing happens to me when I am playing small games provided by digit and press <escape> key to pause.
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    Thunderbird gone mad

    Hi Using thunderbird. But after ten days when I opened it there were folders in the left information bar which displays all the folders. There were two subfolders: desktop.ini and folder.htt under every folder. This looks very unneat. Show me the way you all geeks.
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    Will NFS Underground 2 run on my PC ?

    And I asked A dealer for a good PCI card and he said that these are extincted species.
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    Tell me all the gr8 new games

    Hey guys as soon as my 10th boards are over I am gonna loot every game shop in the city. Tell me the names of the latest coming games that will rock the gaming world. Sanan on the top of the list
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    Cheat codes ! ! !

    For game requirements go to One of the best in this category.
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