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    Editing Station/Gaming PC (₹1.2Lacs MAX) for a friend

    Just an option Buy GeForce GTX 10 series Graphics Cards | NVIDIA Keep checking here for 1070 going for 33k and if you are ok with FE model. On other hand 1060 should suffice your needs anyway.
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    Suggest components for upgrade [~50k]

    Ryzen 1500x ~14,500 Rs Asus b350m-plus ~ 7700 Rs Corsair veng 8gb ~ 6750 Rs Samsung 850 256gb ~ 6750 Rs Corsair tx550m ~ 5720 Rs POWER SUPPLY CORSAIR TX-M SERIES™ TX550M — 550 WATT 80 PLUS® GOLD CERTIFIED PSU This comes to total = approx 41500 Rs For monitor go with what bssunil suggested...
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    Laptop under 30,000 rupees

    My friend was also looking for something similar and we found this laptop Asus a541uv from paytm which is selling for 33k and has 6k cashback which effectively price comes to 27k. It has i3 7th gen and fhd display and also a dedicated nvidia 920m( i think). Can't post its link from mobile just...
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    AMD Ryzen Build

    Stick to seasonic. Check overclockesrzone. Com and their page you will probably find there. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    AMD Ryzen Build

    ZOTAC GRAPHICS CARD PASCAL SERIES - GTX 1060 6GB GDDR5 AMP EDITION Rs. 25,650 for Zotac one is in stock!. It will give you 5 years warranty I think as compare to 3 years of Msi. Other members correct me if I am wrong. EDIT :- It is in stock on vedantcomputers too. GRAPHICS CARD ZOTAC GEFORCE®...
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    PC Suggested Configs

    Yes for 17+ inch monitors it is f**king 28%. I mean 1/3rd of price just in TAX WTF!!!!
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    GPU NEWS Channel

    I'll probably wait for some time. And I am looking to buy Rx 580 as the monitor I have in my mind (Lg 22mp68vq-p) has freesync. Please do tell me at what price should Rx580 8gb should be good to buy! Or vfm. Sent from my Redmi Note 4 using Tapatalk
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    GPU NEWS Channel

    Hey guys are the GPU prices normal now? I am building a pc for around 50k and was looking for GPU zotac 1060 6gb amp is 28k!! and Sapphire 580 8gb is 40k lol now I want to know at what price should I look these cards for? I mean what is the lowest you have seen like I heard zotac 1060 amp was...
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    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Anybody recently bought laptop from Lamington Road?? Please tell model,price and which shop u got it from?Looking for Good shops in Lamington for buying laptops.
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    [Query] Logitech Service Mumbai.

    Thanks bro. Will go and tell them about this.
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    [Query] Logitech Service Mumbai.

    Hope someone can help me with this. Ok so I had a G300 (left and right click problem) which I took to service center in January which got replace with a New G300s. Now after two months the G300s started giving left click problems ( I play Cs a lot :p) so I went again as I thought my warranty...
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    Buying whole Computer, Budget 80K approx.

    Did you went to shop and asked or just checked the website ? There is also one more shop called ITWARES in same building As primeabgb do check there also.
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    Need advise on a decent Gaming laptop with Budget 60K INR with good cooling MSI GE62 Apache Pro-239 15.6" GAMING LAPTOP NOTEBOOK GTX 970M i7-6700HQ 12GB 1TB WINDOWS 10 USB TYPE-C FULL COLOR KEYBOARD: Computers & Accessorie Good deal for 77k!
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    Broke my One Plus 3 Screen

    Alternatives are there but it is good to go with Official service as they will provide you with original screen and I think your remaining warranty will also be intact. 8k is not that bad actually for a 5.5 inch amoled which even has Gorilla glass so get but I think 8k is just for the display...
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    Mobile phone with good battery life within 6k

    Why not Redmi 3s?
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    VFM Android Phone

    If you want the phone for gaming and updates only I think Oneplus 3t will suffice your needs. Samsung S7 is also good and it is getting Android N but the Indian Variant comes with Exynos processor whose gpu is slightly inferior then SD820/821 (adreno 530) in gaming. If you want stock UI Moto Z...
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    VFM Android Phone

    * Answer this questions you will get better help.
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    Camera Phone under 20k.

    I think i will go with Mi5 as xiaomi accepts rooted device in warranty which I will probably do it after few months. :P Thank you for your suggestions. :)
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    Camera Phone under 20k.

    1. Budget? Max Budget is 20k and I will be buying with No Cost Emi only. 2. Display type and size? Anything between 4.7 to 5.7 inch. (5.7 inch is still a little big for me but i can manage if needed.) 3. Dual sim? Doesn't matter. 4. Preferred choice of brand? Any brand as long as it...
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    Phone under 12K

    Why you guys are suggesting him Le2 when he wants a better developer support which Redmi note 3 has way good. For 18k Lemax2 is good if you are okay with no 3.5mm audio jack. Another better option I think is Lenovo Zuk z2 rebranded in India as Lenovo z2 plus.
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