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    thinkdigit speed vs tortoise speed

    haha.. interesting poll ! Tortoise wins the race..
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    Please review my blog's new theme!

    Achcha hai !!
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    Did anyone watch Ghajini?

    Ghajini wuz horrible !!
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    How to check purity of Ghee ?

    punjab ghee !:D:D
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    DataOne unlimited now for Rs.500

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    Past and Present

    lol :D
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    Happy Birthday Infra and others

    Happy Birthday !
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    How many times get banned?

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    ~~ Must Have Firefox Add-On Recommended By Digitians ~~

    Customizegoogle ! one of my fav. *
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    need a fast and non-resource hungry antivirus :)
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    Help needed fast... (silly questions)

    tum शैतान की मुट्ठी में हो ! library is pustakalaya , granthalaya. Museum is sangrahalaya. :)
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    Help needed fast... (silly questions)

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    The 121 Rupee remote control for your PC

    ^ ty :)
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    Review Thread: The online stores in india

    Oh my, The Same Upper Case Style .. lolz
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    Need review on web hosts

    * I use this.
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    All Web Designers .. please help ...

    what kinda template you want..
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    Microsoft Developer Challenge: Test your knowledge Quotient

    tfs mate.. true , no .net related stuff here !
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    [Orkut] Get Latest Updates By SMS for Free

    wtf.. no airtel !
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    Price of Core i7

    ~ 14K for the The Core i7 920 *
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