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    Bots in Yahoo! Chat

    disable PMs from ur preferences.
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    My PC screen is flickering

    well i cant be sure abt the sound as it has nothin to do with OS or something. it must be a hardware problem. for flickering i guess u can check for fixing the problem by increasing the refresh rate. u do dat by right click on desktop > display prop > advanced> monitor and select refresh rate...
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    xp is auto logout immediately after login - pls help

    well i read a trick somewhere, i m not sure its the case with u but may be it works. there was a shortcut for "logoff" and put in startup. make sure u dont have this case... but how dou fix it when u cant login. cos dos entry needs pwd as such. i guess a repair install is a better option as...
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    Help me decide - Apple or Microsoft

    apple apple apple. i wish i was u, hehe. and yes i agree to mail2hand macs r the solution to all problems :-)
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    Burning a 800 MB CD

    haha. the first solution was so precis tht nobody would like to get some more. 10 cheers to rajas
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    Mac Mini or Windows

    i wish i could have discovered this place earlier to chillax help_me. a friend of mine has a G5 and its jus' awesome. I have not much detailed idea of macs but i see no compatibility issues with ggeneral file formats and it rocks when we talk about the graphics, playing simply a movie, u realise...
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    PC Usuage For Long Durations.

    my comp restarts at 36 hrs p4 2.8 ht 2 fans
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    Thunderbird <==> GMail help!!

    @ Tuxfan : Really logical solution .well i havent tried it yet but i ll do it soon. I had a similar problem which i could never solve. And i don' think speed is a problem. I have VSNL broadband @ 128 kbps.
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    Digit Subscription

    hi, chill! its damn easy oi changed it just a week back. u just need to drop a mail to from ur official email id which u mentioned in ur subscription form. they ask for 4 weeks but it practaically works even if u inform them 10 days in advance of despatch.
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    AVI files not playing ???????

    u can go on with just a codec n playin them in mp10 install divx and while selecting products, just select codec (and no player)
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    Care 4 UPS

    I totally agree. Its cos it keeps charging itself. And when it reaches a max it jus' stops charging more. And generally there is no such problem when left like this as its a very common incident for students going back to their places in holidays.
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    Monitor power settings not workin' properly

    yes, i am sure that i leave the systems idle. i ma not that careless u see. :-) I really wont do that. I want more help. Anybody else.
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    BitTorrent: Step by step procedure on how to use it!

    Thanks everybody. This discussion helped me a lot understanding the concept of torrents. I was really dumb on it.
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    nokia 6600i reply urgently

    i guesss he was askin about 6610i cos therez nothin like 6600i :-) plz check this place again dude, n make a change if its necessary.
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    Avatar is not displayed.

    u have to make sure the avtar is within permissible resolution and file size. else nobody gets such problems. in case u are sure with this two things u need to contact mods as there was some testing going on this week so it may be the new avtar uploads are currently disabled.
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    yahoo & firefox

    wait u r trying to relate the situation with flash, right? but the application which runs as the toolbar is not a flash integrated application. u can check that by right clicking at that spot and it doesnt say that its some kinda flash running over there.
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    Monitor power settings not workin' properly

    hi all, isnt' there anybody who can try fixin' it at least jus' a try.
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    Monitor power settings not workin' properly

    Hi all, this problem is absolutely silly to ask here. but i have no clue what the problem is. my screensaver is set to 1 min and turn off monitor at 2 mins. now i m pretty sure i have this only profile activated, the settings as i said but what happens dat it doesnt always behave the same...
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    yahoo & firefox

    hey, dats cool. i never noticed it before u know that it vanishes in firefox. i agree.
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