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  1. shaunak

    Want to buy a bluetooth headset with dual mics

    Hey, I have to make a lot of calls on the go in noisy environments, and I was considering investing in a bluetooth headset with dual microphones from noise cancellation. I found this pair from Samsung: Samsung EO-BG920BFEGIN Level U Bluetooth Headset (Gold): Electronics - but I am...
  2. shaunak

    Are all laptops sold in India basically outdated? A Rant plus question.

    My question is not to find a Jugard solution but to ask why I must pay global prices for substandard products? - - - Updated - - - Thank you for the suggestion. I am going to CA in Feb. I think I will get this then. - - - Updated - - - It is sad, stupid and idiotic. What annoys me more is...
  3. shaunak

    Are all laptops sold in India basically outdated? A Rant plus question.

    I set out to buy a laptop with some very simple requirements: * FHD screen * A 2GB nvidia processor (I do cuda work) * Support for Wifi AC (5ghz) My budget is around 60k. This, I would think is a very modest requirement from a laptop in 2015. Additionally I would love it if the build quality...
  4. shaunak

    SMPS recomendations - Home PC

    Thank you so much for the quick reply. If the Antec BP 300 is only 1.8k then it makes no sense buying VIP! Both there are priced a little more than what you have mentioned online, but with my current job timings, il have to order off flipkart. Antec BP300P 300 Watts PSU - Antec:
  5. shaunak

    SMPS recomendations - Home PC

    Hi, I just upgraded my PC to the following: i3 4xxx+ Intel H87 motherboard, 1TB Seagate 7200 RPM drive, 1 Optical drive, 4GB DDR3 Ram This PC will be used largely for programing, office work and watching movies. (Maybe kept on for days together ) The SMPS calculator pegged the PC at ~230W load...
  6. shaunak

    Need a All in one printer!!!

    Ive always had a good experience with canon: Canon Pixma - MP 287 Multifunction Inkjet Printer - Canon: The large cartridges work out OK value for money. Do look at the HP system also: HP - 2515 Ink Advantage Multifunction Inkjet Printer - HP: On paper it looks better...
  7. shaunak

    External / Portable Hard Disk - 500G to 1 TB

    Hi, I am in the market for some external storage that I can lug around. My primary requirements are to store some processing data [20-30 GB each set = total may be 300GB-ish (Prediction)] and papers / articles / text books [5 GB ish] and some songs/multimedia [ 5 GB-ish ] . So I figure I need...
  8. shaunak

    Gaming Android Vs iOS

    Airplane mode? PS: Faraday cages are surprisingly easy to build. xD
  9. shaunak

    xperia u grey market mumbai

    <strike>Thanks for the honor suggestion. Will look at that.</strike> Its 18K! PS: My Dell xcd 35 was under warranty. I have been w/o a phone for 70+ days and counting. Warrenty != peace of mind.
  10. shaunak

    xperia u grey market mumbai

    Hey, I found the Xperia U selling for around 11k Sony Ericsson Xperia U | eBay Its a very attractive offer and I am seriously considering the black market now. Is this seller on ebay reliable? And does anyone know where can I find grey market phones in Mumbai? Any other suggestions in the...
  11. shaunak

    A survey of the reliability of local brands

    Thanks. Updated. ( excluding the TIPO )
  12. shaunak

    Which tablet should I go for? IBALL or Iberry?

    TO be honest, practically: you will find no noticeable difference between the A8 and A9. RAM is important for multitasking.It is an important parameter. However I have never heard of the Iberry brand. Iball is I believe the lesser of the two evils. Actually I have always have had a good...
  13. shaunak

    Which is your favorite IDE?

    Visual studio by a long shot. Although VS2010 is a pig in terms of resources, I still prefer it. QT creator for when I am working on QT projects. Its pretty good too.
  14. shaunak

    Little problems in Fedora 17

    I prefer to use Cinnamon on Fedora these days.
  15. shaunak

    A survey of the reliability of local brands

    ------------------------------------------------------ Brand: Samsung Model: Galaxy 5 Duration on Use: 3 years now. Gave it to my mom after her phone conked. Problems Faced: None what so ever. [Samsung's Custom UI is not so good for this low end a phone, but that is not really a problem]...
  16. shaunak

    Help me decide between Huawei Ideos X5 Pro And Ascend G300 (Also Case & Scratch Guard)

    Strange: Global specs show that the G300 has a compass sensor, but Huawei's India site does not list it. Can somebody confirm please?
  17. shaunak

    [Query] False advertising by flipkart?

    Did that. Also found a problem with the Tipo. Here is sony's whitepaper clearly mentioning no compass sensor: *
  18. shaunak

    [Views] Dell's support to its phone customers poor

    Its been 60 days now. I visited the service center today and they informed me that they need another 30 days to fix the phone. This matter is really trying my patience now.
  19. shaunak

    [Query] False advertising by flipkart?

    On flipkart's listing of the Karbonn A9+ the sensors are mentioned as: "Sensors: Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor, Light Sensor, Compass, 3D G-Sensor" Where as the phone only comes equipped with a Accelerometer, Proximity Sensor and a Light Sensor. The compass is missing, which can affect...
  20. shaunak

    [Complaint] Dell awkward service

    I am facing the exact same problem with the exact same phone! The service center had had my phone for 60 days now. And today they informed me that they need another 30 days to fix it.
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