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  1. saqib_khan

    Want to get a non Inverter 1.5 Ton AC. Suggestions please

    The Incinerator; Which brand do you personally suggest? Or do you think that i should go for any brand with 5 star rating?
  2. saqib_khan

    Want to get a non Inverter 1.5 Ton AC. Suggestions please

    Room size is approx 184 sq foot. Ground floor and budget is 30k
  3. saqib_khan

    Want to get a non Inverter 1.5 Ton AC. Suggestions please

    Hi all, Thinking to get a 1.5 ton non-inverter ac, preferably 3 or 5 star. Which brand do you guys suggest. I am confused as there are so many brands in the market and don't know which one to choose. I don't want to spend high on an inverter based ac, and that's why opting for a non-inverter...
  4. saqib_khan

    Should I buy HTC One V

    @Zangetsu; Have you experienced any lag? Does the browser works perfectly and is there any death grip problem? I am asking these questions because the reviews are not that good of this phone. I am also looking at Xperia Sola. But confused between these two phones. @randomuser111...
  5. saqib_khan

    Should I buy HTC One V

    Hi All, Want to purchase Android phone under 18k budget. I am considering HTC One V. But the specs are somewhat low. I am mostly concerned that it does not have dual core CPU. Are there any lags because of this. Also what about death grip problem, as reported by some users on xda forums...
  6. saqib_khan

    How do I move my Android apps to the external SD card?

    Try this tutorial. There's no need to root your phone. How to Install/Move 'Almost Every' Android App To The SD Card | ValueWalk
  7. saqib_khan

    3.5mm speaker ports not working

    Most probably, there is some issue with front panel audio wires. Open the cabinet and try to fit the cables properly, also fit those ports on motherboard properly. Just check all the cables. I don't think there's anything to be done on Windows for this to work.
  8. saqib_khan

    How to change current ip to USA ip?

    Try There are many other free proxies, Google for it.
  9. saqib_khan

    Preview and Feedback [April 2012]

    Where's the preview of May issue? Its already 4th May.
  10. saqib_khan

    Rebecca Black's Friday Available For Rent. Anyone interested?!

    Yeah.. lets join the haters club. Just joking :) She became popular because people disliked that video.
  11. saqib_khan

    DVD drive doesn't reads!!!

    Common problem. As suggested get a cleaning kit, and clean your drive. But don't spend behind repairing it, its not worth it, as you can get a new one for around 900 bucks.
  12. saqib_khan

    mouse and keyboard combo

    Logitech MK 200 combo is a good deal. It should cost around 600 bucks.
  13. saqib_khan

    Preview + Feedback [October 2010]

    @digit team; leave the fast track as it is. There's no need to give FT in DVD, we love hardcopy only. Providing the last chapter on the dvd is really a cheap trick to save paper and increase your profit margins. I can better material on internet, the only reason i buy digit (sometimes) is...
  14. saqib_khan

    Preview + Feedback [October 2010]

    FT to WP !! May I know its contents also, i mean previously you were attaching the index of the FT, why this is not done now ?
  15. saqib_khan

    Preview + Feedback [June 2010]

    WHAT --- 250 bucks ??? That really seem to be overpriced. Haven't bought the issue yet, so can't comment on its content.
  16. saqib_khan

    Homepage showing link to CMS and not the CMS directly

    It should have worked when you tried installing it in / So now firstly remove old installation, and install another one in root. Follow the installation process carefully. Edit: Just now saw that you have correctly installed joomla in root. Now this * is working. So I...
  17. saqib_khan

    Help! Where to buy dell ins. 15 in chandigarh??

    You better buy online, whats the need of searching for dealers and all. Just call their toll free no. and you will get more instructions on how to purchase. Also I noticed that some dealers sell pirated OS with Dell laptops. So just beware if you buy it locally.
  18. saqib_khan

    trusted online store...
  19. saqib_khan

    How To Connect Pc And Laptop With Router ?Plzzz Help

    Which OS are you having in your laptop and desktop? Have you shared the folder which you want to share ? (stupid question but sometimes we forget to do this).
  20. saqib_khan

    Very urgent help needed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Yes, you better service the PC if you have not opened it from 3 years. Dust can be a reason.
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