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  1. dheeraj_kumar

    Historical events in Thinkdigit forum!!!

    Been years since I participated in this forum. I remember din's quest for FOSS, Vaibhavtek & his numerous clones, Praka's Micro$oft Windoze :)
  2. dheeraj_kumar

    Longest Game you've ever played...

    @PaiGirish: all MMORPGs are like that...
  3. dheeraj_kumar

    I don't like GTA series

    I don't like racing games, so GTA was no exception :)
  4. dheeraj_kumar

    [URGENT]0xc0000001 ERROR in New PC Please help

    Try a different OS disc... XP or 7, its your preference. Are you sure the installation media you have are working correctly? Or, your RAM may be corrupt, that's a reason for BSODs. If its old, clean the golden ports on the RAM and insert it back.
  5. dheeraj_kumar

    office 2010 setup not working

    @pushkar Maybe he means he has Office 2007 now, and is trying to install Office 2010 :) @OP You should first uninstall 2007 before installing 2010, just to clean it up a little :)
  6. dheeraj_kumar

    adobe reader 9.3 problems

    Can you explain what you mean by "it doesn't work"? If you can be a bit detailed, we can understand your problem better.
  7. dheeraj_kumar

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    Nothing seems to be wrong with the HJT log... Are you sure the problem is not with the power supply? Try getting a friend's PSU and working with it for an hour or two.
  8. dheeraj_kumar

    New domain name

    it's still NOT a url redirector...
  9. dheeraj_kumar

    Probls with BiTtorrent,IE,BIOS

    @gagan007: That IS a reasonable question. You can assign half your bandwidth for downloading, and half for browsing. The possibilities are endless. There are software like the famous NetLimiter, from NetLimiter - The Ultimate Bandwidth Shaper that you can use to control your bandwidth, by...
  10. dheeraj_kumar

    error while surfing and get off from my net connection.

    Post your HijackThis log.
  11. dheeraj_kumar

    How to Verify PayPal and buy online without a credit card?

    You can always link your bank account to paypal to make it verified, thats what I did.
  12. dheeraj_kumar

    1 Mbps is now a Legal Right In Finland

    Even BSNL introduced FUP couple of months back :( Which means... The cake is a lie !!!! and we should go to finland... while we're still alive!!! should make a sense to anyone's finished Portal :)
  13. dheeraj_kumar

    [URGENT]0xc0000001 ERROR in New PC Please help

    Reinstall windows. If it doesnt work, your disc is corrupt, get another one 7 then reinstall.
  14. dheeraj_kumar

    The Hang[Over] and over again....... ;)

    Post your HijackThis log.
  15. dheeraj_kumar

    Copywrite related doubt please help

    Get yourself a copy of Windows 98 SE, and run these games on that. Use Virtualbox to install the OS, BTW. That's because you can play them without any compatibility problems. :)
  16. dheeraj_kumar

    SQL 2005 error

    Are you trying to connect to a remote SQL instance? you should enable it first, then. Open the surface area configuration tool, and in the remote connections tab, allow remote connections using both tcp and named pipes.
  17. dheeraj_kumar

    New domain name

    lolwut? is not a URL redirector... it offers a free domain(actually, subdomain, but still) "Get Free .Co.CC Domain name No Ads Co.CC supports for CNAME, A, MX, NS ,TXT records!"
  18. dheeraj_kumar

    Probls with BiTtorrent,IE,BIOS

    What speed is your broadband, and how much did you limit it to?
  19. dheeraj_kumar

    Steve Jobs Tells Bill Gates He’s Being Sued

    hahaha :P but their iPhones dont work!! :D
  20. dheeraj_kumar

    Touch Typing.. help required

    funny? maybe. Works? definitely. :)
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