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  1. Neeraj J

    OnePlus One IMEI gone

    Hey Friends, I have OnePlus One, which one day I perform reset from boot loader. Now my phone booting normally but can't accpet any SIM. As I checked in settings IMEI information is gone. I don't have any nandroid backup. I have gone to Service Center with original bill and only thing they...
  2. Neeraj J

    SoundMagic ES18

    Hi Arvendu601, I too had ES18 & bass is quite good. At first me too was dissapointed with low bass, but then i found this link Tekfusion Burn-In Player for burn-in. Really after 50 hours burn-in Bass was quite good, with mid & high as awesome as before. You can try this & share results.
  3. Neeraj J

    Help in to buy pendriive

    I have 16GB Transcend JetFlash 700 USB3.0 pen drive which i purchased from Flipkart, is giving me good read/write speeds even in 2.0 mode. Read:35-40, Write:20-25.
  4. Neeraj J

    how to install Ubuntu 12.04 over linux mint 12?

    When you boot from Ubuntu, during Disk partitioning it automatically detect Mint & give to option to delete Mint & install Ubuntu over it.
  5. Neeraj J

    Need mobile with mail supported

    Hi thetechfreak, Thnx a lot for this info. Is there any documentation of Android OS which state that it support configuring official mail through IMAP/SMTP & Office files? Plz help as I have to show it to management people.
  6. Neeraj J

    Need mobile with mail supported

    Hi Friends, I have some requirements at my work. Actually I need mobile phone (low budget~below 10K) that support Push Mail support (Basically, IMAP/POP & SMTP) and will able to open MS office mail attachments. (Editing office attachment would be great). Any OS would do if meet the...
  7. Neeraj J

    How to identify if a ping is progressing on a PC?

    Hi vchinnat, Your question is not very clear to me. But as per my understanding Ping with "-t" parameter ensure continuous ping. And to know stats of ping use parameter "Control+Break", this will not break ping sequence but show ping stats at that time. I don't know Perl & not good in...
  8. Neeraj J

    3G mobile broadband router query

    please reply friends.... Also please confirm that if someone purchases 21Mbps device do we really get that speed in Delhi/NCR region(with any operator)???
  9. Neeraj J

    budget dual sim phone

    I have Nokia X1-01, very good build quaity. Doesn't look cheap plastic and battery backup is awesome. It last 3-4 days with daily 5-6 hours talking (sumtime even more than that :wink:). Although it don't have Bluetooth(who care for a bluetooth with very basic model), it has Dual SIM support,FM...
  10. Neeraj J

    3G mobile broadband router query

    Strange!!! No suggestions till now ???
  11. Neeraj J

    3G mobile broadband router query

    Hey Friends, I was surfing through net & found something about 3G/4G mobile broadband router(ashamed I didn't know earlier:ashamed:). Netgear MBRN3000 router, Leoxsys, Edimax and NetComm are few to name. I was planning to buy USB HSPA+ dongle(Huawei 372 to be precise) but now :nanananana...
  12. Neeraj J

    Extending the range of my ADSL router

    Hi thestrategist, As from your sig. you own a 17" MacBook Pro and it support 802.11n, then why you stick with old Beetel modem, what I suggest you to go for Netgear N150 modem which extend your wireless range and also connection speed is improved using 'n' type wireless. Also as suggested...
  13. Neeraj J

    Extending the range of my ADSL router

    Hi thestrategist, If you just want to extend wireless range of your modem why can't you use repeater in Wireless Repeater mode. Netgear Wireless-N 150 is best of these two & also feature-rich in low price band.
  14. Neeraj J

    EVDO as Wireless Hotspot

    Dear Bubusam13, I know very well about Ad-Hoc n/w, but I think Connectify is very easy to setup & manage, and its free too... :doublethumb: I admit that was typo error :ashamed:, but I myself bought one from Nehru Place 2 years ago at a very low price (around 500 for some Chinese brand). So...
  15. Neeraj J

    EVDO as Wireless Hotspot

    Hi Tarun, Best & easy method to share your EVDO internet using freeware app Connectify. Just make your wireless as hotspot for your LG P500. Even if you have desktop, a wireless NIC will cost you less than Rs.800 :clap2:
  16. Neeraj J

    3G data modem confusion

    Re: Reply to your complaint Dear Ideacellular, You seems to be an Idea representative here. Although you may be right describing Idea 3G services well, but honestly in my case what I can say of Idea services "pathetic". This month only, i have activated Idea3G in my mobile...
  17. Neeraj J

    Best Free PDF Editor?

    I think Foxit Reader is PDF reader, editing application is Foxit Phantom which is a paid option. @OP: you can try NitroPDF or A-pdf trial version as it is very hard to find freeware full featured PDF editor. Able2Extract is also paid but good application.
  18. Neeraj J

    Which OS should I use?

    completely agree with @thetechfreak, try Linux Mint12 live cd as it is based on Ubuntu and is much easier & familier to use than Ubuntu coz of its Windows like user interface. Later u can shift to ubuntu. Also check for drivers compatability in Linux first. With WUBI slowness will be there...
  19. Neeraj J

    Billing software needed

    you can try Busy Accounting Software. 30 days trial is also available at their website.
  20. Neeraj J

    Smartphone in the budget of 12-14K

    you can go for Sony Ericsson Xperia Neo V, can check online if want to buy. (I know u don't wanna buy online, but ... ) ;-)
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