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    Here are the questions that were never asked about the Pathankot terror attack !

    I still believe that BJP's Narendra Modi is handling Pakistan in a much better way than congress could ever hope to match. I still remember how Disguised Pakistani army men cut off the heads of our army men as a souvenir after butchering them to death inside Indian controlled territory. Congress...
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    CM 120 SI2 (4 IN 1) VS (Deepcool Iceblade 120 mm)x3

    What about noise? The problem with cheap brands is that they make a lot of noise which makes them unsuitable for htpc. Also, most of the times the brands make ridiculous claims regarding cfm which is not always true. Cooler master is one such brand that over state there fan capabilities. While...
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    Random pics of famous places in Pakistan

    Positivity is a good thing. But, Why do you want to waste that on a country like Pakistan. As an Indian there is nothing that that country can offer us. Secondly, they are a poor country with poor heritage. Majority of People there are still jahil and illiterate. I can't imagine anything...
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    3 weeks with Huawei/Google Nexus 6P and iPhone 6 - A Layman's review

    Seriously, have you been drinking lately! Smoking Or taking some drugs maybe? Anyways, be happy with your iphone. Nobody wants to take it away from you. Just relax and spend the rest of your life thinking about the Awesome piece of hardware in your hand. And leave other less mortals to lead...
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    The $5 Raspberry Pi Zero released

    I am in as well....
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    Planning to build a devil's canyon :twisted:

    On GPU front until you are getting the gtx960 4gb for about the same then it doesn't matter. But, if the difference is more than there is no benefit with 4GB on gtx960 as the GPU is quite weak to make use of more than 2GB RAM. Also, the above benchmarks that you have pointed to shows that only...
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    Why arent people recommending Skylake builds?

    It takes time for newer technologies to mature. At 14nm skylake is still too new to know the problems. I won't recommend any chip at 14nm for now just because it haven't been fully tested outside the lab. From the Experts point of view. They want to avoid recommending things that are quite...
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    3 weeks with Huawei/Google Nexus 6P and iPhone 6 - A Layman's review

    People or users care less about some stupid review site. I depend more on rating and the reviews on the play store itself. Have you forgotten nvidia shield games etc. They were android exlusive. Also, people have even hacked there androids to make them work on devices on which they were not...
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    Intel Skylake CPUs are bending under the pressure of some coolers

    That's alarming. The last comparison pics show how the wafer had compressed to half of its initial thickness. I think that if we would use lesser force even then it's not a chip that would last long specially if you change the cpu often. It's actually a problem with everyone now. Trend is...
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    3 weeks with Huawei/Google Nexus 6P and iPhone 6 - A Layman's review

    The problem here is that you are not addressing the issue of 'ease of use'. Needing a separate iMac or computer or laptop to manage a smart phone is plane stupid in my eyes. And every user does set his ringtone whether he is a novice or an expert. Smartphones are a replacement of all those...
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    3 weeks with Huawei/Google Nexus 6P and iPhone 6 - A Layman's review

    Good honest review. Yes android have come a long way now and is quite stable specially when coupled with a powerful hardware. As far as iphone is concerned. It was never my cup of tea. There are certain things That I can't live without like the file manager, ease of customizing myself and have...
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    My Husband And I Are Thriving Muslim Professionals In India. We Have Only Felt Acceptance

    Everyone have problem. If you say something wrong then you have to pay. It's plain and simple as that. After all not everybody is born Rahul Ghandu who got everything without even moving a brain cell. He and his party men even gets away easily after comparing chota chetan(part of organized...
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    Russian teen dies after 22-day gaming marathon

    Didn't he go to toilet and all? Was he doing it there itself? What about food and water? How was he getting all of that if he was siting at the same place for 22days..!
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    Need help and Guidance on Stem Cell Preservation

    Future medical breakthrough are going to come through stem cells. These cells have the ability to convert into anything like the kidneys, heart, lungs etc. Also, many diseases like cancer, diabetes etc can also be treated. But, for now it's an on going research. You can think of it as a...
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    Weird SD card behaviour

    Your SD CARD might be dying. Backup ASAP before it's too late.
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    HyperX PREDATOR DDR4 3000MHz Memory Review

    Please don't forget to mention the expected or approx price for each and everything that you review in the future. As it saves a lot if time many people who consider price as the biggest factor before making there mind about any product.
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    Indians sue UK Queen for return of 'stolen' £100m Kohinoor diamond

    It seems very obvious that you have some particular pre conceived false notions about indians and are hell bound to prove them right. You also seem to address british occupation of india as some enlightening experience for indians as a whole. I don't want to diverge into that topic as that would...
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    BSOD 124 while gaming rig...

    First of all you must check your earthing. Its extremely important that no current is flowing through the chassis. Check youtube for for a good idea for rectifying your earthing problem. Once that step is taken. Then you can think about the other things like changing the PSU or RMA.
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    BSOD 124 while gaming rig...

    Yeah that's a first. I didn't used CM thunder series even in my 45k rig. Those things are shady at best. For a 1.7lks rig nothing less than a seasonic or atleast antec should have been used. There can be many reasons for sudden BSOD. And 1 prominent reason can be the inability of the PSU to...
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    Indians sue UK Queen for return of 'stolen' £100m Kohinoor diamond

    What's there to hate? Justice and asking for something that have been part of indian culture and heritage is not hatred. Stop the propoganda. We don't hate you or britain. Here are just some example(apart from many. Just google) of countries efforts and trying and succeeding on getting some of...
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