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    Dot Blocks Torrent sites and file hosting sites

    YTS is working fine..Google Doc nothing changed only slow response(my network).. My BSNL friends in Technical wing (JTO & SDE) are saying no order copy received (from DOT) Chennai vaithy
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    Magnus Carlsen Draws first Blood!Vishy loss fifth Game!

    Now the worst News...Anand now lost with White pieces in the 6 th game... carlsen has simply nuke the Anand's hope for the world title.. unless some miracle happen, the Match is already over...
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    Magnus Carlsen Draws first Blood!Vishy loss fifth Game!

    In a significant blow for the World Chess champion Viswanath Anand suffers the first loss of the match, in playing Black pieces in the fifth Game. When I came to Youtube for watching the game already thirthy moves gone.. (usually I give chess match a priority rather than cricket.. but when...
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    1962 -The India china WAR revisited!

    Some of my friends ask, what happened to that Brave soldier's family Here the narration. From NDTV news, Read the full article here1962 war with China: The delayed recognition |
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    1962 -The India china WAR revisited!

    don't think so! Lt Col Bramhanand Avasthy 's units was in best position to defend his formation, but a rout in sela pass Indian patrols, led to Brigade HQ issuing a confused decision to withdraw all their units, including Avasthy. Avasthy was asked to provide covering fire, so his fellow units...
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    1962 -The India china WAR revisited!

    To day the politicians are celebrating(remembering) the sacrifices of 4000 Indians soldiers and officers perished in the ice coffins of Himalayas...For 50 years they constantly refused to acknowledged the wanton life lost and Heroic sacrifices made by our brave soldiers. “I remember many a time...
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    Apple wins $1 billion victory over Samsung

    If the entire world turned into USA's slave states, than we may consider Apple victory is decisive.but thanks GOD! that is not the the 'War' is yet to be over. even if SAMSUNG close the shop, there are numerous manufacturers in the Android camp. So "Go Thermo Nuclear war" NOT GOING...
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    Kamraj-The King maker

    I am glad atleast one 'comment' posted..July 15 is Kamraj's birthdate! atleast some our youngester should know how our leaders fight for our 'freedom' but sacrified their own family life.. If even one person who read this post understand what i am trying to convey, for me , it is 'Mission...
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    Kamraj-The King maker

    Can You show a single Nationalleader in India,who defy Gandhiji, still went on became President of congress party, than chief Minister of his State ? Can any one remember a man who ruled a state for nine years, and made two prime Miniser, died without paiseless..? Queen visited him, prime...
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    Which distro(s) are you using?

    That is tricky for me.. never stayed with single distro .. installing multible distros, now satisfied with just TWO distro Linux mint 12 and ubuntu 12.04..except my EVDO connection problems and grub rescue after installtion, now it is freeze with' precise' so i stay with partition...
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    My preci(ou)se! Fear not the Lion!

    In Linux world every distro realease is like a Divali! for the ubuntu fan it come to April and october for every year..But after unity ‘s introduction there is a stunned silence, several developers and fans are now turning to mint only..I my self cann’t use Ubuntu, but curiousty kill the crow...
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    BSNL’s ‘Pantel’ blow out ‘Aakash’

    As usual BSNL 's own marketing peoples are killing the idea to sell android 'Tablets'.. Asked a customer in a CSR office." I want to book pantel 'Tablets.. Replied by a 'Bsnl's Officer in charge." Please purchase Ipad of your choice take Book your plan. He suggested a local 'Ipad' dealer.. Now...
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    BSNL’s ‘Pantel’ blow out ‘Aakash’

    actually I don't want to give the impression of advertising.. so I ommitted the website link, as it is not very hard for the 'digit' readers who are mainly techies.. here you can book your 'pantel' Product List
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    BSNL’s ‘Pantel’ blow out ‘Aakash’

    The advertisement with BSNL offer is here! The other variants with no bundle offer( I might be wrong) is here this has a inbuild 3 G sim card slot and uses 3 G services
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    BSNL’s ‘Pantel’ blow out ‘Aakash’

    BSNL, the state-owned telecom giant, has launched a new tablet in India that wants to take the failing Aakash tablet head-on. Noida-based company Pantel Technologies was tapped to produce the T-Pad IS 710r and it’s priced at just Rs. 3,250, o– a fraction above the Aakash price with better...
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    Close encounter at midnight !

    Encounter at midnight!! N an early morning encounter on Thursday, five persons allegedly involved in two daring bank robberies in Chennai was shoot dead in a ‘encounter’in a gunbattle with the city police at Velachery in the early hours of Thursday. The suspects were identified as Chandrika Rey...
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    BSNL WIMAX in Chennai sub-urban areas!

    BSNL Chennai Telephones has launched WiMAX, the fourth generation technology for wireless broadband, in 15 mofussil areas around Chennai Chennai Telephones Chief General Manager A. Subramanian said each of the 15 BTS towers set up in these locations would provide wireless broadband services...
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    22-year-old student runs up Rs 42-lakh phone bill

    I have come to similiar case in a 3 G related, but this is surprising even to me, in my case the bills run in to 5 lakhs in a 3 month period when the BSNL people visited the place the company bolted from the scene.. but doing roaring business in BANGALURU, interviewing several would be excutives...
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    The Return of SOPA II -It is ACTA Now !

    While we are congratulating ourselves for SOPA defeat, now it is returned with another 'avatar' ACTA (Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement) Some are characterizing ACTA as worse than SOPA, but the reality is somewhat more complicated. From a substantive perspective, ACTA's Internet provisions are...
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    BSNL Revises Broadband Plans

    Kudos to Kerala BSNL officers! they have a first comer advantage.. as new technologies are tested first there.. further being hilly state, wimax is more advantage to maintaining and provisioning.. this make sense!
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