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  1. Batistabomb

    I want to secure my Laptop from Internal Threats

    Of course, being a techie you also know it is not a piece of cake to decrypt the password when you enabled WPA or WPA2 with pre-shared key and the reason why i asked for Router access is that on some wireless routers we can add some access rules, mac-adress filtering etc for some known ip's
  2. Batistabomb

    I want to secure my Laptop from Internal Threats

    Do you have access to your wi-fi Router ?
  3. Batistabomb

    need to set up a large network, need help

    You can acheive this by doing some changes in Active directory stuff (believe you are using one domain) First can you let us know how you are connecting to Internet, are you making any changes in IE explorer to direct to some proxy, you have any ideas
  4. Batistabomb

    help required forward pc port to android to setup web server

    If you are connecting to a direct connections like wired/wireless via PC i can help you how to port forward on Router or ISP modem. Since you are using Tethered Android Internet, this link may help you Android Usb Port Forwarding - CodeProject Give a try, but it is strictly not recommended to...
  5. Batistabomb

    Upload your Saved Games here....

    If its windows 7, search in C:\Users\Username\AppData\Roaming\Theta\Orbit\54 Search for Orbit folder in c:\ to make it simple
  6. Batistabomb

    Linux Certification

    Yes ofcourse it is good to certifiactions for future job purpose, networking jobs like linux admins are always show the way for you, but one thing here articles collected from our digit doesn't help to be certified, so you should go for some more exam guides and dumps, if you wanna settle in...
  7. Batistabomb

    facing video playing problem in WIN7

    What is the video's format ,is it avi ? we had an option in kmplayer something like video render... so what is your format that looks fine with powerdvd and distorted in vlc,km players
  8. Batistabomb

    Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen them

    Bad for Good; Lies for True; Girl for Boy; then why it doesn't be a Ghost for God.....
  9. Batistabomb

    Do you believe in ghosts? Have you seen them

    Do you think it is a whisper of ghost
  10. Batistabomb


    i am currently working as network engineer, under current market situations i suggest you to go for all the networking course starting from hardware to ccnp
  11. Batistabomb

    how to convert video or copy vcd

    So what's going when you double click on or open with wmp, are you using wmp11 ?
  12. Batistabomb

    how to convert video or copy vcd

    What's happening when you double click on the video file of 1 kb size ? I think it was opening in WMP
  13. Batistabomb

    Build me a KILLER GAMING pc

    Oh god,,,,, how much money and money for just a PC that to for gaming,if you buy one today then you will get games tomorrow ,which your PC doesn't supports ,then again upgradation and so on, so think in a good way go for a best PC which suits all your gaming requirements but not too much...
  14. Batistabomb

    Suggest me a Gift ?

    Guys my brother wants to gift something to his newly married wife, she is presently 7 months carrying,so what should i suggest to my brother to gift ? he was thought of gifting dress,but it is routine,so can u guys suggest something,so that i tell my brother to gift
  15. Batistabomb

    Gmail Help ?

    Thanks guys it sounds working
  16. Batistabomb

    Gmail Help ?

    Guys when sending messages to group of our friends in gmail,yahoo mail or anything,all of them see the reciepents each other ,so is there any thing like ,no one sees the other reciepents except sender and reciever here ?
  17. Batistabomb

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    English : 1. What a girl wants (2003) 2. Darkwater
  18. Batistabomb

    Batista To Mumbai on 17th and 18th

    No yaar still schedule is not yet confirmed where he is gonna visit, i will post here soon i get any inform, also you guys check wwe event schedules at ,somewhere like tickets tab to book the tickets if desired
  19. Batistabomb

    Batista To Mumbai on 17th and 18th

    * * hey dude Khali is an Indian
  20. Batistabomb

    Batista To Mumbai on 17th and 18th

    Guys the animal Dave Batista is coming to India, Mumbai and Delhi in a way to WWE Promotional event, he would be also visiting some children's hospital it seems, so you guys from Mumbai will see him
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