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    any QuakeLive players ?

    Dude why play a game where you find no indian players rather play DoTA there are many 'servers' in India. Garena has 10 INDIAN rooms with 225 people capacity out of which atleast 4 are always full.And you can always play clan matches with your friends PLUS dota tournaments are actually held...
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    Windows 7 messed up :(

    I used startup repair but it says like some new device plugged to the pc aint letting it start,something on similar terms and it just doesn't continue :|.So....ok I'll try using the repair option,which software should I use for recovering the data?
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    Windows 7 messed up :(

    I was downloading stuff off torrents and wanted to resize a partition from 90GB to 100GB.I used Paragon Partition Manager to do so and during the operation it restarted and my pc wasn't booting after that.I lost all the data from that partition (86.4GB)! I used my ubuntu live CD and fixed the...
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    Monitor Suggestion.

    Hey guys.I need a monitor for my old home pc,It's on a CRT atm and it screwed up.Need a monitor below 5k for it or may be the cheapest possible.Mom needs it.
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    Download AeroVG Se7en Theme for Windows 7

    Thanks a lot Nithu,it works and it's awesome.Kudos to you Vishal :)
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    was that ^^ supposed to be funny?
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    i cant able to download or install MSN Messenger, OS:Windows 7 U

    Dude I'm chatting with my friends from Windows Live (MSN) now and I'm on 7 Ultimate too. * ^^ Just go there and download it.
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    Download AeroVG Se7en Theme for Windows 7

    Dude I installed it the wallpaper comes fine but no transparency comes like the taskbar stays like the one on xp :(.I installed it twice but it still doesn't work :(.Or is it only me lol. Yes I am on Windows 7 with a strong enough computer to run aero and stuff. EDIT: Here's a screenshot...
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    Unable to figure out Google Wave, youngster kills himself

    OMG what a big noob lol,worthless beings like him amuse me
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    file transfer question

    You guys are not getting me,lets leave this lol.Suppose I leave it there (yeah it would work that way) but vista would be taking unnecessary space,I don't need it anymore.
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    file transfer question

    So I recently updated to windows 7,great stuff :). So my question is how do I transfer stuff from vista to 7 (7 is on a seperate partition,I only need the stuff from C: (windows partition) rest games etc are on either E: or F:.I would delete Vista when I'm perfectly sure that everything is...
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    Processor failing to stay at stock clock speed.

    My Motherboard is Abit IP35-E.My PSU is 600W.It suffices I think (forum people and the shop guy said so) EDIT: LOL IT WAS INTEL SPEEDSTEP INDEED XD ME = FAIL.Sorry for bothering you guys for such small issues :(.You all helped greatly especially Gautham :D.Thanks <3.
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    Processor failing to stay at stock clock speed.

    Hello friends.My Pc, Which I brought around 7 months ago, which has a E8400 with a stock speed of 3.0ghz (Mind you, It hasn't been overclocked.Not even ever removed,not even touched,nothing.) was suddenly starting to feel a bit slow. After few minutes I launched up CPU-Z only to find that it...
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    Need to resize linux partiton

    By mistake I have given my Ubuntu partition lots of extra space, And I am lacking space on Windows to store stuff on.So I need to resize my Windows partition while reducing the size of the Linux partition. So, which Software can probably help me?. I've tried Paragon Partition Manager it does...
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Some comedy hindi or english movies?
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Wtf guys. I was watching A Clockwork Orange a few hours ago and I left it in between coz my mom saw that part when Alex is raping Mrs.Alexander.The movie is too violent and has a LOT of sexual theme.Heh guess I'm too young to watch such movies.Seriously but its TOO violent.Some better movies...
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    Online Games ... If you like them

    Spam lol >_>
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    WTF ?? Is yahoo hacked ???

    Omg tere dost ka bhoot.Joking.Heh might be some serial hacker.(Indian mostly)
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    Laptop that shouts 'Stop, thief' when stolen.!

    They might be stealing stolen laptops lol.
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    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism

    Man CS ain't slow for me even though I run it from a 56MB portable version lol.Unless your PC is REAL crap (CS was out like 10 years ago) it will run it at 100fps.Again, I heard Quake doesn't require much strategy and its just a run and shoot game,Urban Terror claims to be similar to Quake. Heh...
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