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    Skylake or Haswell?

    Only the K-series don't come with a cooler. And even though the performance difference is marginal, 6th gen is future-proof.
  2. ComputerUser

    Skylake or Haswell?

    The i3 4170 is newer, cheaper and fulfills my requirements. The 6th gen i5 is available but is a little costly. Looks like I have to go with 4th gen.
  3. ComputerUser

    Xbox One wireless adapter for Windows

    It is not wireless but is a pretty good controller - Speedlink Xeox Pro
  4. ComputerUser

    Skylake or Haswell?

    I don't intend to overclock and I will add a graphic card probably next year so the system is only for casual gaming and stuff. I want to go with the Skylake config but i am not sure if the CPU and RAM are available.
  5. ComputerUser

    Skylake or Haswell?

    I will be upgrading my old rig soon and I am confused as to whether I should choose Skylake or not. I want to future-proof it but it seems a little costly, not to mention the availability of the parts. My budget is 25000-30000 and I will be changing only the core stuff so I made two configs -...
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    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Watched "The Amazing Spiderman"...was amazed...8-)
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    USB Ports fail to work

    A friend of mine has got this strange problem. The system hangs frequently and the usb ports at the front don't work(XP shows "Device not recognized" error). He exchanged the motherboard as it was under warranty but still the problem persists. Then he called a mechanic who said that the problem...
  8. ComputerUser

    Is this possible?

    Maybe I got lucky only for a min...:sad:
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    Is this possible?

    I am using BSNL's BBG FN Combo 600 plan and recently I got speeds excess of 250 KB/s!:shock: It went upto 780KB/s and after a few minutes fell back to 200 KB/s. Also one of my friends reported the same thing(according to him he received excess speeds for quite a few days!:shock:). But isn't 250...
  10. ComputerUser

    [By Demand] October 2010

    Qt framework - Products Qt - A cross-platform application and UI framework IE 9 beta JAVA and Blender tutorials More Crysis 2 trailers and gameplay footage!!!
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    [By Demand] September 2010

    Windows Vista SP2!!!
  12. ComputerUser

    [By Demand] August 2010

    Windows Vista SP2 Visual Studio 2010 Office 2010
  13. ComputerUser

    [By Demand] July 2010

    Some Blender video tutorials Vista SP2
  14. ComputerUser

    [By Demand] June 2010

    A Fast Track to Windows 7!
  15. ComputerUser

    [By Demand] March 2010

    Avast 5.0 Fast Track to Windows 7 More lectures on Astronomy or any videos relating to it Please update the softwares in the essentials section of the Mindware DVD...a few of them are outdated like VLC,Avast and Silverlight. And how about including Firefox in the essentials section?
  16. ComputerUser

    [Preview + Feedback] Dec 2009

    Looks great but where are the Astronomy 160 videos? I wanted those...Hope you include them next month...
  17. ComputerUser

    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    How about a Fast Track to Directx ?
  18. ComputerUser

    Cartoon Network Channel Then & Now ?

    Swat Kats was the best of all the cartoons....liked it the most. Sad they don't air it anymore but instead air craps like DBZ. Wish they would restart it and complete the unfinished episodes...
  19. ComputerUser

    Borland c++ compiler problem

    While using Relo with borland c++ compiler, the run window does not show up. Only a command prompt window comes up and goes away in a sec before I can see the output! And the same thing happens with turbo c++ ! What's happening?
  20. ComputerUser

    [By Demand] July 2009

    The June issue ROCKS!!!:shock: Thanks for the videos on astronomy!! Please give some more videos on that if possible!:razz:
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