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    Fedora Core 4 & 5 troubleshooting

    You could run the command from a normal user too,it would prompt you for root's password. The command is "system-config-network" excluding the quotes ofcourse. $system-config-network I dont see a reason for this not working unless ofcourse your ISP settings are different. Btw what...
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    Fedora Core 4 & 5 troubleshooting

    If you need a GUI solution,then at the prompt #system-config-network or else editing the file for your NIC #vi /etc/sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0 The above file will consist parameters like IP Addressing,Netmask,Default Gateway... DEVICE=eth0 BOOTPROTO=static...
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    Post Your GNU/Linux Desktop here

    Here's mine... Clean Dirty
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    WLAN configuration ?? How to

    Had my share of problems configuring Atheros WLAN in Redhat/Fedora.But it works like a charm in Ubuntu Breezy. Infact in my case its making use of mad wifi project.I also have a Wireless PCMCIA card using a Broadcom chipset which too doesnt work in Fedora/Redhat except for NDISwrapper...
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    how do i find out?

    As I see it your university has a single static public IP or a pool of static public ip's serving clients from within the LAN with either Static NAT or Dynamic NAT. If that being the case I dont find how you can find out which client is accessing what content(in this case rapidshare for you)...
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    Big Apple computer for 6995/- only

    Bigapple ? Hmm Is this the same company which sell old hardware at cheap rates ? * They certainly offer sweet deals,atleast on paper.I've never checked them personally so cant comment.
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    Can i connect my PC & my music system (aiwa) wirelessly?

    What you could do is get a Wireless Media Adapter/Bridge & get a wireless PCI/USB adapter for your PC. The Wireless Bridge is connected to your Music system with a specific cable,the PC with the WiFi adapter talks with the media bridge & makes possible the listening of music on your music...
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    Firefox to get phishing shield

    Maybe the below link tells us things to expect from Google & Firefox as a combination product. * I've had a shot at one phishing website identifying itself as Ebay with the extension installed & it detected it as fake alright.
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    Google Doing WiFi Tests in Pune

    Whoa can you provide a news source to confirm this? On a lighter note it might just be your neighbour's "open wireless network" (just kidding) :-P
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    FEDORA 4 + I NEED HELP!!! (same probs as SUSE!)

    I dont see a ethernet interface except the loopback interface, are you sure you have activated the correct ethernet interface?
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    Anybody Knows Ubuntu (Linux)

    Thread Moved
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    Wanted Post-Budget Prices (Nokia)

    Topic Title Edited to get more replies
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    [Tutorial] Configuring an Always On DataOne on gnu/Linux

    Just for the record,those with ADSL connections who want to configure on Linux,the below link should help. * @desertwind Can you re-upload the images...
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    Customizing taskbar

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    Two CPU in a single monitor!

    I dont know how much a new one costs,I bought a second hand one with cables & all for 800 bucks.
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    Help me about network and internet

    Topic Moved Sorry but I couldnt understand a thing from your post.Can you be a little more clear & precise please?
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    Two CPU in a single monitor!

    I'm using a Dlink KVM 4 port KVM switch. Works like a charm,the only problem is if I want to make a switch between say comp1 & comp2 I've to reach for the button which is located on thre front panel of the switch. I believe more recent newer models come with a Hotkey combo which can let...
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    Free Online Photo Album-Easy Upload

    Absolutely Flickr rocks but if I'm not wrong then in their freeware service you have a monthly quota of some amount of pictures you can upload or else you gotta buy their paid service. I think Deep has bought their paid service.Also uploading is pretty damn easy with their Flickr Uploadr...
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