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  1. nix

    [For Sale] Laptop - Acer Aspire 5733z

    I need people to quote the price that are willing to pay.
  2. nix

    [For Sale] Laptop - Acer Aspire 5733z

    Its just a few days old. Its still got the new computer smell. Configuration: Intel Pentium P6200 (Its a dual core processor) 2.13Ghz, 64 bit processor. 2GB DDR3 RAM. Expandable to 8GB 300GB hard disk capacity. 6 Cell Lithium ion battery (about 4.5 to 5 hours, depending on settings)...
  3. nix

    Master's in the US : A Guide

    Anirudh, I think you need to update your blog post, you have said that, for toefl, one needs to list score recipients (universities) 20 days prior to the toefl test, but its actually one day. The link is: TOEFL: Internet-based Test: Send Scores
  4. nix

    A stylish lesson in humility from namma Rajni

    all hail rajni, or else...
  5. nix

    Mumbai Digitians ..please help..FRAUD on EBAY INDIA

    thats why I never buy stuff on ebay
  6. nix

    Master's in the US : A Guide

    well, I guess I've troubled you enough now. C'mon guys where are the questions? I'm feeling lonely here. :razz: Thanks a ton, I know you must be very busy but I really appreciate you taking some time out to clear my doubts. I have some time now and looks like I have to several things at the...
  7. nix

    Master's in the US : A Guide

    Thanks a ton for the reply, I have a question about choosing colleges, on what basis do you differentiate among tier-2 universities? I want to get into a college that is not very expensive. How do I make sure that I don't get into some shady, bad-future kind of college?
  8. nix

    Master's in the US : A Guide

    Thanks anirudh for spending time to answer these questions. Much appreciated. I still have some questions: 1. Do you book a date(for GRE test) after your preparation for the test? Or, do you book first and then study? 2. If you are going to book first and then start preparing, then how much...
  9. nix

    what is the cost of a nokia datacable?

    Hello everyone, I bought a nokia 2730 recently. I was disappointed to realise that it does not come with a datacable, so I went looking for one. One guy quoted rs 350 while the other said rs 1000. I think they are trying to cheat. I want to know the proper cost of a datacable for that phone...
  10. nix

    Master's in the US : A Guide

    Will I need the help of an agent to guide me in the whole procedure? Because, it does not look like a simple process and many people have advised me to take the help of a higher education consultant. Can I go about it alone or do I need an agents help?
  11. nix

    Saina wins Singapore Open Super Series crown

    way to go saina. sania should learn from her. i guess sania never really had any talent, she was just pushed by the media. sania's achievements dont justify the superstar treatment given to her.
  12. nix

    need QWERTY phone < 15K

    my sister needs a good (obviously) QWERTY phone for price above mentioned. Nokia is preferred. I think the E series are good, but I wanted to know your opinion. I tend to stay away from other brands because I think nokia is like the grand-daddy of them all. Are the other brands too complex...
  13. nix

    Review of all my Headphones

    too bad there are no reviews available for headphones easily available. who would go in search of a senn? reviews for sets <500 rs will be appreciated. there is an overemphasis on bass. too much bass distorts music.
  14. nix

    Anu Malik. Indian Idol. We hate You

    rich and arrogant people trashing the commoner. thats what these shows are all about. and people like it.
  15. nix

    Marry an Indian, Shiv Sena tells Sania

    sana's loyalty to india is questionable, remember the incident when she pointed her feet toward india's flag? She was big enough to understand that it would be an insult. besides, I cant stand her fake US accent.
  16. nix

    Should IPL exists

    IPL should be banned as there is an overdose of cricket in india. cricket is all the TV and newspapers ALL the time. The media glorifies corrupt businessmen and the commoners fall for it. The only way you can get indians to play other sports is by banning cricket.
  17. nix

    ravi shankar prasad vs abhiskek manu singhvi

    none. listening to those debates almost always gives me a headache. they don't debate, they shout. they dont let each other complete sentences. There is a lot of interruption, especially by the host. loudness!= better argument. these people need to see debates in CNN or BBC and then learn...
  18. nix

    “We will plant Pakistan’s flag on Delhi’s Red Fort”

    We are too obsessed with peace, that we have forgotten what it takes to survive and protect. They wont mess with china. If they do that, they'll get crushed by a road-roller. They dont take s***. We should learn a thing or two from china on how to deal with foes.
  19. nix

    Some boring bits from my training

    I'm a victim of the computer age too. I too have bad interpersonal skills. You cannot get around the problem, you have to develop good communication skills, which increases your confidence. Good sense of humor is also essential. I try to talk funny whenever possible and I must say I've made...
  20. nix

    Which MP3 Player to buy - Mom gave me $65

    buy anything but an ipod. their batteries die out in just 1 year and need replacement, which is expensive and can only be done by them.
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