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  1. mohitgiri

    N97 v2.0 firmware.. your opinion?

    how to update it??? i used *#0000# command but its showing there is no update is available. how to update it plz describe Regds
  2. mohitgiri

    Official Nokia 5800 XpressMusic discussion thread

    it will launch in india by dec end.. wil come to authorised nokia consept store in nov mid for booking purpose only. rgds Mohit
  3. mohitgiri

    How To Set Mp3 RINGTONE in windows phone

    hi friends plz guide me how to set mp3 ringtones in my htc touch 3300 phone....... plz guide Regds Mohit
  4. mohitgiri

    hp laptop probleam

    hi friends i m facing strange problem is laptop dvd writer.. whenevr i insert any cd it always shows it blank.. while inserting dvd its working fine... plz help me friends..... i have win vista with 1gb ram
  5. mohitgiri

    urgent help for N96 DATA lost

    ok and any alternate ??
  6. mohitgiri

    urgent help for N96 DATA lost

    hi friend. unfortunatley i have formatted N96. all the data in its hard disk like WAVE SECURE. OM SHANTI OM MOVIE etc everything losted... i did'nt save any backup. plz help me urgent abt these data.. regds
  7. mohitgiri

    how to remove the tag BSNL MOBILE.

    Hi friends, My mobile is just showing the op logo of Bsnl mobile. Instit of Cellone. Other pepole also facing same probleam. While some not facing this issue. Plz help me out how to replace this. I dont like this tag. Currently i m using n95 8gb Thanks Regds
  8. mohitgiri

    what abt the sony w902

    hey guys what abt newly launched w902.. is it avail in india?? whats the price?? Regds Mohit
  9. mohitgiri

    help me to choose a new bike

    what is contact no. of dream bikes?? plz provide. thanks
  10. mohitgiri

    help me to choose a new bike

    i want a new bike. My budget is <2,00,000 i want a dealer's information... any other information
  11. mohitgiri

    help me to choose a new bike

    no body knows here abt HONDA CBR
  12. mohitgiri

    help me to choose a new bike

    hey guys u dont have any idea about honda imported cbr? I want it. Plz link me a dealer who supplied the important bike.
  13. mohitgiri

    help me to choose a new bike

    can you link me some pics of it
  14. mohitgiri

    Getting really good speeds on BSNL unlimited 2MBPS EVDO

    some time slow some time faster...
  15. mohitgiri

    help me to choose a new bike

    hi friends. i live in Jaipur Rajsthan. i m going to purchase a new bike on diwali. i hve allready KARIZMA and pulser 180. and not intrested in R15 AND pulser 220.. plz tell help me in choosein a bike >=150 cc. plz also tell me about honda CBR(where to buy in india). and other models...
  16. mohitgiri

    roker e8 help

    Yaaah...... Now Its Workin Fine. Thanx For Help Guys.. Regds
  17. mohitgiri

    roker e8 help

    i have change the card now its workin. but........... how can i transffer the files inti card. pc is just showing the drive A of phone memory.
  18. mohitgiri

    roker e8 help

    yuup... it is ORIGNAL NOKIA card
  19. mohitgiri

    roker e8 help

    i have roker e8. i have 1 gb memory card in it. but the device show that this is the invalid card. do u want to format it---->> YEs--->> formatting failed. also not showing in pc. plz help
  20. mohitgiri

    Nokia N96 launched in India TODAY

    it is not available yet. i confirmed it today from NCS (south ext.delhi). The BIGGEST showroom in india.
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