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    What graphics card should I buy for my system? (want to play gta5, arkham knight, witcher 3)

    Anyways atleast the fact that nvidias website lists there shop is reason itself to trust them with nvidia products (for me atleast)
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    What graphics card should I buy for my system? (want to play gta5, arkham knight, witcher 3)

    I would definitely prefer cost to cost in nehru place for graphic cards since they are the official resellers of nvidia products in india
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    Gaming PC configuration for 30K INR

    Hey guys i was wondering isnt the pentium g3258 cpu available in india? That would be a good option at this price given that it supports overclocking on some cheaper motherboards If it is available please also provide a link
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    Side panel window cabinet @4250 or less

    hey friends i have recently purchased a gtx 970 from zotac while running a few games (i.e witcher 3) i have noticed that the gpu runs at a high temp (i.e a constant 91 degrees celsius) to remedy this i have decided to buy a new case my budget is 4250 inr any reputed brand (corsair, cm...
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    New PC for gaming - Budget Rs. 40k - 50k

    Hey man i can understand your i have myself passed out of 12th this year [emoji14] As for the configuration - Cpu-i5 4440 - 12170 Motherboard- asrock z87m pro 4 - 8700 Ram - kingston hyperx 1866mhz (1x8gb) - 3750 Gpu - sapphire r9 270x 2gb - 13850 Cabinet -cm elite 311 -2750 Hdd- 1tb wd caviar...
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    A Good Rig under 35K....Help Please...

    @hitman 4 you forgot the monitor intel pentium g645-3.5k intel dh61ww-3k nzxt source elite 210-2.5k corsair cx 500 v2 -3k Dell 21.5 inch LED - E2211H-9.2k wd caviar blue 500gb-3.5k zotzc gtx 650 ti-10.3k total-35k
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    Looking for i7 based PC (without display)

    You can try theitdepot for the parts Did you find the msi 990fx gd65 motherboard?
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    [By Demand] Fast Track Topics

    Fasttrack for next gen consoles plz
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    Advice on Nokia Lumia 920

    Cant say anything till the pricing is revealed But expected price is around 30-35k so i didnt find anything compelling in it except wireless charging ;) So in that range going for galaxy s3 would be better
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    Cheapest rig to play DOTA 2.

    You can try this config too- I7 3770k-20k Gigabyte GA-H77M-D3H-5.5k Corsair cx 500 v2-3k 1x4gb corsair value ram -1k Nzxt source elite 210-2.5k Total -32k
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    Gaming Rig at 60k

    Hey wouldnt cx600v2 suffice for ops neeeds? AFAIK cx 600 is a good part and provides enough amps for hd 7950 +decent overclocking
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    Gaming Rig at 60k

    you can go for this- i5 3450-10.5k Gigabyte ga h77 ds3h -7.5k Corsair gs 600-4.5k Nzxt source elite 210 -2.5k sapphire hd 7950 vapor-x- 21k Corsair value 1x4gb ram -1k Benq gl2450hm 24"-11k Razer cyclosa kb+mouse combo-2k Total-60k
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    Gaming Rig @ 50K

    and amd can learn to build performance parts from intel ;)
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    ►► AIRTEL cheaters..!! They deducted my money w/o my knowledge..!! check screenshots.

    yesterday i had recharged my 3g data by 300mb on my airtel mobile next day i wake to access facebook and guess what my data pack is 0 :( what should i do ?
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    hey kaz why dont yu post some snapshots of that uild if its good ill also try one more thing is chrome working with that build ?
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    Gaming Rig @ 50K

    yup agree with cilus on that although i still feel that i5 3450 +Gigabyte ga h77 ds3h would be better for daily use
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    LG Optimus L9 - Short Review

    Hey nice review but still nothingvtouches the optimus one ;)
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    Will gta iv run smoothly on Gigabyte AMD/ATI GV-R775OC-1GI 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card?(30-35 frames)

    Re: Will gta iv run smoothly on Gigabyte AMD/ATI GV-R775OC-1GI 1 GB GDDR5 Graphics Card?(30-35 frame But my experience has been differerent on hd 6770 (roughly equal to hd 7750) I can play it at 1080p all high settings with shadows at medium Of course your cpu also matters @the serpent which...
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    Rig for video Editing & Graphics Budget 35000/-

    Fill this up first- *
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    The LG Optimus One Thread

    I have that one and believe me it is the best 4.x series rom for p500 i have come across It is smooth (smoother than the jb rom i mentioned earlier),it has all stock lg apps like task manager , file manager etc and heck even jetpack joyride works on it now( not supported earlier ) if anyone...
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