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    PC suggestion for rendering/ animation / graphics at budget

    thanks for the suggestion. that fit well within my budget
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    PC suggestion for rendering/ animation / graphics at budget

    thanks for the suggestion but i want to go with intel this time . i think i will go with GTX 660 and save the ~5k to buy i5-4590 instead. any suggestion on motherboard ? preferably asus if not too overpriced
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    PC suggestion for rendering/ animation / graphics at budget

    hi again. i need to buy a PC for rendering / video editing / graphics animation works etc , within budget of 40k. i have decided to go intel this time and graphics card must be nvidia (because of CUDA). please suggest. things i'll need - Cabinet / PSU / Processor / Mobo / Ram (6-8GB) / GPU...
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    2 Mobiles for around 10k

    there was a phone Spice M4580 which have separate mechanical switch for torch. forget being keypad lock , it'll work even when phone is switched off. it also have 1500 mah battery which lasts for a week. there was an updated model of same phone. its not the best basic phone in the world ,but...
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    micromax a56 or micromax a73

    Micromax A75 is available for Rs 5999 in homeshop18 , maybe you can take a look at that also. also saw an ebay listing about A57 on ebay. seems similar to A56 , but with 1GHZ processor.
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    Monitor Confusion Help Needed

    I bought the AOC i2353 recently and i am extremely satisfied with it. the colours and viewing angle are great. also i bought it at only Rs.10,100 , flipkart is pricing way too much. i believe the AOC is the cheapest 23" IPS monitor .also this monitor is a looker. its really the best in this...
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    Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830 vs Motorola FIRE XT

    android phones struggles to give a full day battery life even with only one SIM , i wouldnt dare to touch a dual sim android unless it have some outrageous amount of battery.
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    101 reasons not to buy a windows phone 7.5

    market have rejected WP7. look at the Lumia 800 price freefall. or even worse look at the 2nd hand price of lumia 800. nobody wants Windows phone. end of story. Microsoft / Nokia themselves said that their primary target for WP users is the ones upgrading from featurephone . they were right ...
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    Buying samsung phone.

    +1 to HTC explorer. its way better than Galaxy Y for just a little bi more money. dont be fooled by 600mhz , its newer gen processor is quite capable of handling android 2.3.6.
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    Which is better??Nokia 701 or Samsung Omnia W??

    dont go by specifications alone . nokia 701 (not lumia 710) have extremely vibrant and bright screen. its one of the best screen under direct sunlight and remains perfectly legible . also this phone is quite fast, camera is crazy fast , have great multimedia capability. that said ,IMO the best...
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    Micromax A50 ANDROID DUAL SIM@ Rs.4999 : Should i buy this?

    i think HTC Explorer have best screens in low ranges. but yes its costlier . also can anybody confirm if its really a dual SIM phone ?
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    My Prank for a guy who asked me to download 59 odd old songs - Suggest More

    its not that complicated if you try it. just ctrl+c ctrl+v , maybe take 2-3 mins for a song . its not like you're doing precision audio editing . just do it for 3-4 songs and should be good enough.
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    Android for 15k

    neo V is available for ~15k at ebay pretty often. maybe you could go with that. but otherwise i'd agree spend a little more and get HTC One V
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    My Prank for a guy who asked me to download 59 odd old songs - Suggest More

    download some of the listed songs. edit them in audacity , keep first 30-50 seconds of original songs , lower the volume , then insert some heavy metal or something like that in high volume. should be fun
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    Suggestion to buy phone this week Urgent !!

    all samsung galaxy phone have shitty quality audio chip. only original galaxy S had a decent audio chip but even with that you'd need to install mod to get most out of it. forget about samsung if you're planning to use it as music player. In my experience SE Neo V have best audio in that range...
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    Opera Mini not working

    tatadocomo twitter account posted yesterday that there will be problem with opera for few days .
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    Nikon L110 or sony h55

    +1 for canon . or go with panasonic fzXX if you want better . Nikon's compact range is not as good as their SLR counterpart .
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    Help me with buying mobile - ~15k - 20k

    1 n86 2 n86 3 n86 btw whats wrong with n79 ? just because its not overpriced dont mean its bad . anyway n86 is superb phone and best overall package . camera is simply superb and so is video and screen . only problem is oled screen is bit hard to use direct sunlight but its managable.
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    Need a mobile within 2k(colour)

    nokia 5030/1661 . screen is good and you can make the interface text really large for easy reading.
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    Leephone A3 Softwares

    what is that leephone btw . another chinese clone ?
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