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    World’s first 84 Mbps HSPA network is coming soon

    ^ so true, its a sad state here , but there is nothing we can do about it.
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    October 2009 OS stats: Windows 7 passes Snow Leopard, Linux

    i wonder why the war is again for.... who cares what share OS have....just use the one you like ... cause none of the OS is made by you anyway to get profit out of it or something...
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    Free MediaMonkey Gold 3.2 Giveaway

    good but i already have 3.2 :)
  4. x3060

    Songbird Media Player

    thanks for this...never knew of about it. been a media monkey person for a long time now. will give it a try.
  5. x3060

    Ode to the Thief: doesn’t quit, but goes legit

    bay is still open for anyone who needs it.
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    ATI Catalyst 9.11 WHQL Released, GPU Flash

    thanks for the news...updated 2 days back though :)
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    Firefox Mobile Logo Revealed

    an elegant looking logo :)
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    Best PC games

    "NFS Undercover, Prostreet, Shift" biggest letdown. just play "mostwanted" and skip the rest.
  9. x3060

    Prototype = (Spiderman + GTA + Bloodrayne 2)

    i didn't like assassin creed too, but really enjoyed prototype , its something i can p[lay for 15-20 min and forget about it, offers much of relaxation. though am playing "risen" now.
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    Free ATM era ends on Tuesday

    am using SBT... dont really mind waiting for 30 min though , life aint that lightning fast for me ;)
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    Free license of Panda Internet Security 2010 [1 year]

    am on NOD32 v 4...happy with it :)
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    ATI Radeon HD 5770 And 5750 Review

    well i am still with my 4670....dont know when i will go for upgrade, but i think its wise enough to wait for dx 11 games to come to market and buy a card that performs well in those games
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    Black hole created on Earth; Romulans expected shortly

    interesting , but its got a long way to catch up to be in some sort of use.
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    Suggest a mobile phone below 25k

    am having a touch diamond 2 , got it for 25 a month back , sold my p3400i . and it works like charm :)
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    TDK Develops 320GB Optical Disc

    yeah ... the dual layer disc price haven't come down yet , but am sure this thing will remain in the shelves.
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    Microsoft Working on 128-bit Windows

    solaris has 128 bit, but regardless of who is having , i think its just a waist , 64 bit has not even become a regular thing on windows or linux... and in any cases who ever is working on 128 bit is doing their homework wrong... first lets get the 64 thing up and running, then we can think about...
  17. x3060

    BMW Lovos Feeds On Solar Energy, Human Corpses

    what a useless concept , i think if the guy makes a concept tank it will be good .
  18. x3060

    Microsoft Working on 128-bit Windows

    hmm...even the 64 bit has lot ....A LOT to catch up , and they are thinking of 128 bit . :(
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