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    phone memory error

    @Sam. Think the title is proper enough I was thinking increasing the cache size might help. The july fast-track had a section about doing exactly this but I couldnt do it. Any ideas. The current size is 2 Mb
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    Is svchost.exe a Virus !!

    There IS actually a certain worm that identifies as svchost in the task manager. It is labelled as a host process for windows services in the properties page. It replicates by creating an exe file in every folder in any removable drive that happens to connect to the infected computer. The...
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    phone memory error

    i have a nokia c3 qwerty version whenever i try to load a webpage bigger than 1/2 mb, the app(opera mini) crashes with a java exception error saying "out of memory" same problem if i run a big game like "detective ridley" how to fix this?
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