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  1. celldweller1591

    Laptop buying help needed

    You can refer to this thread before going anywhere else.
  2. celldweller1591

    Laptop around 55k

    Yes, i have seen Inspiron 14R SE and 15R SE with 3rd gen intel proccy. I am waiting and hopefully will get XPS with ivy bridge in july.
  3. celldweller1591

    Laptop around 55k

    I am planning to buy a laptop for Work and occasional gaming purpose. After going through various posts, i think Dell XPS 15 or XPS 17 solves my purpose. But Hp Dv6-6165tx looks good too. So, i need suggestions and 60k is the last limit. I cant go above that. Purpose : Work mostly. Production...
  4. celldweller1591

    PC shuts down itself @10:50 pm automatically .. everyday.. :(

    As it turns out, its the most effective way to solve Windows problems :)) Thats why i use Ubuntu !
  5. celldweller1591

    Book For Beginner

    I would recommend Python and should go for 'Head First' books for programming languages (best for beginners).
  6. celldweller1591

    ubuntu 12.04

    i always prefer clean installs :)
  7. celldweller1591

    [Help this N00b]how to install fedora 16?

    From the VirtualBox settings menu, make sure that the host drive is selected. Put the installation disk into the drive and try again to start the installation process.
  8. celldweller1591

    ubuntu 12.04

    If you are getting the grub, then select recovery mode during boot and see what comes up. If you cant get grub, then run ubuntu live, backup your files and do a clean install.
  9. celldweller1591

    PC shuts down itself @10:50 pm automatically .. everyday.. :(

    If nobody else uses your computer and you didnt installed an application that may have a hidden program or a batch script in it which initiated the task then yes you are right about being hacked! Probably this is the time you should think about having a powerful operating system around you...
  10. celldweller1591

    Online/offline Exam software

    For online, you can always go for Moodle (its opensource)
  11. celldweller1591

    Suggest Best Open Source HRMS Application

    i think you should go through this video regarding orange hrms installation. However, if you want alternatives, then i think this link will help.
  12. celldweller1591

    One folder opening very slowly.?

    I think this simple tutorial will walk you through the basic troubleshooting - Link.
  13. celldweller1591

    Akash tablet project nearly-dead because of corruption?

    The title of "Cheapest" and all big indian projects being based on this title baffles me. Nano - Cheapest car and Aakash - Cheapest Tablet. Making cheap things require cut throat technology and experience in innovative product design. Tata was experienced in matters of car manufacture so at...
  14. celldweller1591

    is ZURKER a new social networking site? :O

    Re: is ZURKER new social networking site? :O The concept of vshares is kinda like MLM (invite people and get shares). And seriously who has money to spend on vhares, they say you can spend in INR :/ ! If you have money, better buy actual shares of Reliance or others :D
  15. celldweller1591

    MIT AppInventor Beta available

    MIT's Center for Mobile Learning has announced the new App Inventor programs. App Inventor is a simple programming tool for building Android apps.
  16. celldweller1591

    How increase text size (font size) in windows 7

    that's correct but what has been written in the post is easier to understand and follow :)
  17. celldweller1591

    How increase text size (font size) in windows 7

    i think this post looks promising.
  18. celldweller1591

    How to keep confidential data safe

    +1 to truecrypt. You can use also bitlocker, it comes presinstalled in Win7 but that is think that also encrypts the whole drive (ultimate & enterprise editions) or there is a software called Folderlock, i believe that is best for you purpose.
  19. celldweller1591

    Unknow folder in C: drive

    i think these are the files from some "Learn to Speak" program you installed. You can scan it for viruses, if its clean then i dont think you should be worried about it.
  20. celldweller1591

    IT inventory software

    You can take a look at these below - Asset Tracker - A free inventory management system. Venture Inventory Management Software.
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