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    [For Sale] Core Contact Freezer (120mm) with LGA 1366 Core i7 Socket Retention Bracket

    Core Contact Freezer (120 mm) with Free LGA 1366 Core i7 Socket Retention Bracket AMD AM2, AMD S754/939/940 Intel LGA 775 (Core 2 Quad Extreme, Core 2 Extreme, Core 2 duo, Pentium (64), Pentium D, Pentium 4, Celeron) Included - LGA 1366 Core i7 Socket Retention Bracket (Core i7 / i9) Bundled...
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    [For Sale] First time in India - Lamptron Slot protector kit - UV Reactive - Green

    Lamptron Slot protector kit - UV Reactive - Green 3 units Available Price - INR 350 per ONE item (Shipping free) Protect your RAM slots from dust Decorate your motherboard with UV reactive protectors First time in India directly from USA Contents RAM Slot protector x 3pcs PCI Slot...
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    Any alternatives to Lenovo Z510!

    You can also consider Dell Vostro but I don't know how good it is when compared to Z510. Can any one throw light on this?
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    Battery Internal/External Doubt

    Thanks. I am looking for a laptop which has external battery because I can easily replace when it reaches EOF.
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    Battery Internal/External Doubt

    I want to know whether the battery on Buy Dell Inspiron 15(3542) laptop online from best store | compuindia is internal or external. I asked dell chat and they told it is internal but I have a doubt.
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    Need Advice - Dell Vostro or HP

    I checked Probooks and elitebooks are very costly. There are no 15 inch probooks. only 14 inch available.
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    Need Advice - Dell Vostro or HP

    I want to buy a new laptop for work, visual studio etc. No gaming. I understood that dell vostro model has anti-glare display. Is it a good display if I work with tubelight on the top back side.? I also zeroed in on HP P001TX but don't know the quality of HP laptops. Should I buy Dell Vostro...
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    Laptop under 43k ??

    Dell recently released new vostro series with 8 GB ram/1 TB HDD, GPU for 44000 (ubuntu) Dell vostro laptop Online at best price in India | Compuindia It has anti glare screen bgut I don't know about tis display quality. Can any member comment here regarding the quality of anti glare screen? I...
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    Upgrading from Dell Vostro 1015

    maverick121: Can you tell me about the quality of vostro anti glare display? I have kept my laptop on the desk. So I am planning to buy Vostro.
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    Budget Camera - Advice Required

    I want to buy a digital camera. I have picked Sony Cyber shot DSC W830 after an extensive search My budget is Rs 8000. I can extend up to 9000 Please guide me.
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    W8968 causing some troubles.

    any abnormal heating issues with v2.
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    Laptop Overheating problem: Cant' find spare part.

    Are you sure that the problem is with overheating? may be its power adapter failed. C Can you remove the battery and directly connect to AC power? You should use good quality power strips like belkin to do this.
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    BSNL Modem Query

    I am planning to buy a new modem router and have picked below 2 iball modem+router TPlink W8968 I heard that tplink has issues with BSNL broadband like frequent disconnections. Which is better? My budget is 2500
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    urgent! ! laptop buying advice needed

    Lenovo y510p seems to be a good one but you can also consider following HP Pavilion 15-n208tx (corei5/4 gb/1tb/2 GB RAM) - 48k Dell 5537 corei7/8gb/1tb - 60k-69k (seems costly)
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    Black value significance

    I want to know the significance of black values as mentioned on the notebookcheck reviews. Which of the following black values are better? Inspiron 1545 - 1.29 cd/m² (This is my current laptop) Contrast: 159:1 Planning to buy Inspiron 15R 5537 - 0.45 cd/m² Contrast: 433:1 Lenovo Z510 -...
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    Need gaming laptop in 50k

    What about display? Is it better than Dell?
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    Need gaming laptop in 50k

    Yes. if the battery dies then you have to wait for days till lenovo tech reaches your home and replace the battery. If it is replacable then you can took the battery out and plugin directly to AC source. - - - Updated - - - I don't know how long z510 battery will last.
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    Please suggest a work laptop, good screen, input, build quality under 50K

    i doesn't like the choclate color of z510. Moreover, it has in built battery. - - - Updated - - - The curently available HP pavilion 15 are good. check our flipkart reviews.
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