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  1. max_demon

    DCC Nagpur

    from nagpur, yes.. active..., no
  2. max_demon

    Western Digital Run by Ultra/Super idiots ![RMA ]

    I have got very good service with WD nagpur , i called for RMA and next day the guy came to pick up and within 5 days i got my replacement drive :D
  3. max_demon

    What did you eat today?

    had bacon and chicken ham footlong from subway.
  4. max_demon

    What did you eat today?

    Eggie in the basket in breakfast, Pulao with aaloo ki sabzi in lunch, Chilli chicken and Butter Chicken with Paratha at dinner :x normally : egg+rice+fish/any veg sabzi+paratha
  5. max_demon

    Longest Game you've ever played...

    i completed GTA SA in 3 years :P actually i wasnt bothered much about missons since very long , just went freestyle and did other stuffs. :P
  6. max_demon

    latest style of Jeans & Shoes for men in india?

    Calvin Klein Jeans with Converse..
  7. max_demon

    Why use HIGH resolution ?

    and regarding wasted space, Press Ctrl and Scroll up , to increase size :P
  8. max_demon

    Foods That Burn Belly Fat

    salmon turkey and beef are unlikely in buring fat i suppose..
  9. max_demon

    android PC suit capabilities?

    i use some sms backup and restore software to take backup in xml format
  10. max_demon


    or motorola astrix
  11. max_demon

    Plz upload digit 2010 issues.

    ya, buy this month digit they have given it ..
  12. max_demon

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    I saw persona 8/10 , and Irreversible :D 7/10 (negative points for the rape scene)
  13. max_demon

    DCC Nagpur

    i sent my set to a friend in b'lore sorry for that.. but we can meet anyways if u have time :P i have lots of other stuffs too...
  14. max_demon

    Should I go for Android?

    Nexus S all the way ;) all the benifits of galaxy s + newer features
  15. max_demon

    According to u which game has best graphics till Now (Share ur views)

    Patapon and Locoroco has best graphics.. (artistically) God Of War 3, Heavy Rain and Uncharted also have good graphics and Mafia 2 has okey okey graphics (considering the scale)
  16. max_demon

    [Sealed Pack] SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade 8GB Pen Drives

    stock over.. no more for sale now
  17. max_demon

    Should I go for Android?

    I Suggest to get a Motorola Milestone 2 because of : 1. Keyboard 2. Non-pentile screen
  18. max_demon

    Bsnl 3g & bsnl wired broadband

    its possible if you manage to make a virtual proxy server with both the internet connections and using that proxy.
  19. max_demon

    [Sealed Pack] SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade 8GB Pen Drives

    Yes still up for sale
  20. max_demon

    [Sealed Pack] SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade 8GB Pen Drives

    * SanDisk® Cruzer® Blade 8GB Pen Drive Quantity Available: 13+10 Condition: Brand New [Sealed Pack] Warranty: 5 Years! Asking Price: Rs. 550 /- Shipped Each. (not negotiable) Locations : Bangalore/Nagpur ######################### 1. Combined shipping discount to buyer who buys 3...
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