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    HP or DELL

    Hi guys.. which laptop should i go for.. HP or DELL ????
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    How to delete this folder.... ?

    Hi guys... i dwonlaoded the game -Gears of War - It was a 7z extraction, after i downloaded it, i extracted it in c: and now its not getting deleted.. whenever i try deleting it , it says cannot delete file, if try to copy, it says, cannot copy file, if i try to move it, it says cannot...
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    how is this config for gaming..

    HEY GUYS... Im upgrading my pc, well basically changing the whole thing, here is the config. Config 1 - Processor AMD Phenom II X3 720 - Rs 8100 M/B ASUS M3N78-EH - Rs 4950 HDD Seagate 500 gb ( 32mb buffer ) - Rs 3250 GPU 9600 GT - 512 mb DDR3 - Rs 6100...
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    Curfew in Goa town after Muslim boy teases Hindu girl

    what the hell.. its a shame we are still referred to as which caste or religion we are by a few people, but here reading the replies it gives me assurance that all of us think us of as INDIAN'S .. and that is the correct thing. Unity in diversity.. :)
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    FIFA 07 problem, football is invisible.

    dude try reinstalling the graphics drivers with the updated ones, i suppose u mentioned u hav 5200fx, it works fine on tat card, a friend of mine has the sme card.. n othr step wud b to try n reinstall the game if the above solution dosnt work..
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    Nokia 5300 Xpress Music::Pc Suite PRoB

    try installing the new pc suite and only select the pc suite mode wen connected to the pc..
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    DivX Play

    thank u..
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    Nokia prepares to bite Apple

    good one , lucky star!!!
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    Your Computer is Causing Global Warming

    damn dude.. a nice pice of info.. wil giv it a thot..
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    DVD Rom problem???

    if it sounds like a mixer then u should surely get it replaced my friend..
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    NEW VIRUS: Lord ganesha's Head..

    definitely spyware or adware or malware.. try using an antivirus program to scan ur pc and u can use spybot - search and destroy also , its a good anti spyware pgm, scan n ur pblms will be solved.. antivirus, either AVG or AVAST.. cos these r free..
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    Internet disconnecting

    c dude, the pblm may b due 2 a orjan or the USB interface, im using airtel bb too and i hav the lan interface, i havnt faced any pblms yet, one of my friend using the usb setup has had pblms of disconnecting in between, so go fot the lan interface. should solve ur pblm.. still if u need help...
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    PC Wizard 2008 v1.81 released

    thx dude.. good app.
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    Need For Speed Underground 2

    as "Bigtech" said, u need to earn those reputation stars.. stil u hav any pblms.. do lemme knw.. wil surely help :)
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    Error in copying bio-shock, pls help!!

    thx a tonne for the replies.. jst wanted 2 tel ya'll, its workin nw.. i appreciate the effort by all.. thx again!! ohh n ya il b getin the original .. ordered it online.. cheers........... :)
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    Error in copying bio-shock, pls help!!

    cheers........... :)
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    Error in copying bio-shock, pls help!!

    hey guys im trying to copy dis bio-shock dvd, bt then im gettin an error wich reads as follows -->> cannot create or replace bio-lol: the following rapidshare link has the screenshot of the error on my screen.. * -->> and wen i try 2 unzip...
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    is shifting to vista worth it?for gaming?

    yeah aftr readin a few advice's i wud also suggest witin for the 1st patch of vista n then XP roks man.. n wat do u switch n do.. u dnt even hav more than 10 games for directx 10 in the market today.. wen they make games wich wud exploit the real potential of directX 10 then its worth..
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    pblms wid bricopacks vista inspirat 2.01

    hey guys i installed dis bricopacks vista inspirat 2.01 and then i uniinstald it.. bt nw aftr uninstalation thre are a few effects like the shutdown thng n the start up n the effects wich come up on copying and the folder pictures arent like they were earlier... n wen i try 2 instal bricopacks...
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