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  1. girish.g

    Nexus 5 is Official

    Just FYI, nexus 5 may be priced higher off-playstore. Source: Retail price of Google Nexus 5 in India could be higher than Play Store pricing (Poll)
  2. girish.g

    Photo Projects - Practical Approach

    DSC_0190 by GirishGokul, on Flickr Is this any good?? :D
  3. girish.g

    Mod-free TDF

    ico for moderator!!!!
  4. girish.g

    Phone for 4k-5k

    Nokia X3!!
  5. girish.g

    Help me to decide college course...

    shouldn't you have given IIT/AIEEE or any such kind of exams??
  6. girish.g

    Looking for a laptop for light gaming

    The new inspiron 15R core i3 330m processor 4GB ram, 500GB HDD,graphics: ATI HD 5470 1GB, 15.6 inch LED display you can get it from dell website for around 41k
  7. girish.g

    PSP slim and Lite - My Review

    if you already have a modded psp around(phat) make a pandora battery and mod it yourself.
  8. girish.g

    Apple's Ipad Vs. Nettop

    nettop, more flexibility in software and upgrade and stuff
  9. girish.g

    happy birthday to tkin,Saqib_khan, and others....

    happy birthday all, especially that 106 year old guy and 9 year old one
  10. girish.g

    happy new year

    happy new year!!
  11. girish.g

    SUGGESIONS for a new laptop

    if its near to gurgaon i'm interested :P
  12. girish.g

    SUGGESIONS for a new laptop

    what is the current price of DV6 2005ax and DV6 1319tx? Are their any know issues in both of them? @ssk_the_gr8 is 2005ax able to handle games like gta4 and burnout paradise??
  13. girish.g


    Wish you guys a merry christmas, and happy birthday to Atal Bihari Vajpayee
  14. girish.g

    PSP slim and Lite - My Review

    anyone on for multiplayer?? back at home now
  15. girish.g

    Sorry, Indians not allowed

    if they are serious, we should take this **** down. If it is for publicity, they copied this idea from south park S5E6 cartmanland
  16. girish.g

    Google Wave Invitation !!!

    thanks dude
  17. girish.g

    Google Wave Invitation !!!

    can i have one??
  18. girish.g

    PSP slim and Lite - My Review

    upgrading from 3.90 to 5.00??just download 5.00m33 CFW and upgrade your psp.then find patched games for 5.00CFW. Recently acquired tekken 6, assassins creed and little big planet
  19. girish.g

    PSP slim and Lite - My Review

    k back again. latest updates:played motorstorm, gran turismo, lemmings, brothers in arms D-day, and the new star wars. Out of these only motorstorm is recommended -awesome. gran turismo has awesome graphics and cars and stuff but gameplay is not that good its just like a driving simulator...
  20. girish.g

    Airtel NOP problem

    slick doesn't have that option. And nimbuzz app. Doesn't connect too, only the web version works which. Any other chat client that can work with nop
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