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  1. remrow

    Computer doesnt starts after long Power cut...

    I am having this unusual behavior in my PC. When I start My PC, after it not being connected to Power supply for more than 1 or more hours, it doesn't boot! -The start sound is there (normal boot sound) But only red LED is lit. The green LED doesnt lights. -Monitor screen is like not connected...
  2. remrow

    How do i become a fit programmer for the indian IT industry?

    Great ideas... i would like to learn about python... where can i get its compiler like those turbo C++?
  3. remrow

    Games with minimum requirement 512 mb ram

    I need a list of game that can run in it I have -a geforce FX 5200 256mb graphics card - 768mb DDR1 RAM. - 3.06 ghz pentium 4 processor - 500gb HD my configuration is thing of the past, but still I have it.. So if guys know any great games that can be played on the configuration please...
  4. remrow

    Which virus is this??

    I have this weired virus in my computer. I don't know how it got in and i really need your help. Here is whats happening in my computer.... -The taskmanager is not disabled. -The registry is not disabled. -When looking at the processes i can see some weired looking programs like wlcomm.exe...
  5. remrow

    Fastest Browser..(based on personal experience)

    The new opera 10 and the firefox are well matched in speed but i think opera is lil more faster on loading pages.
  6. remrow

    Is Talent important or Good Behaviour?

    The person who has talent knows how to behave to different persons. Good behavior is not necessity
  7. remrow

    the FOOTBALL channel

    lamo why hate chelsea huh! Man YOU suck
  8. remrow

    Cricket Vs Football?

    aye! i am surprised! I thought most indians liked Cricket! anyway cricket sucks (boooooooring, excepts some few chatch outs and run out). Football Rocks!
  9. remrow

    Recommend me some games to kill boredom

    do you like small games?? Then The 2008 July Special issue there are about 50 smalll games to refresh with. No wonder small games are also cool. I liked the Shark Attak and alpha attack. The Shark Attack is perfect if you want to remove boredom for about 1 hrs. The game is so easy that you...
  10. remrow

    *Your favourite PC Game Character*

    hey where is Jack from FarCry. He is the one for me. Anway just today i finished the awesome game.
  11. remrow

    Movies Discussion Thread V1: Ratings and Opinions

    Watch the Gajini An Awesome movie
  12. remrow

    Games u have completed..!!!

    Currently i finished UEFA Champions League 2006/2007, manager mode in the World class.
  13. remrow

    Have you guys any idea about this page on google?

    * Visit the link and say what you have to say.
  14. remrow

    Browser War - Take your pick

    East or west opera is the best though firefox has some cool ad ons.
  15. remrow

    Sex before marriage....

    if you are a play boy or play girl it doesn't matter, but if you are not sex after marriage is better.
  16. remrow

    Federer v/s Nadal

    hey know what Federer is history now Nadal is the world no1 on tennis
  17. remrow

    Best Email Service

    I like Yahoo and gmail both . I like yahoo for its interface and its email filter. The filters really save your time to delete the spams. And gmail for its design(i like gmail type of designs than eye candies) , text ads, and many more .
  18. remrow

    Which is best OPERA OR MOZILLA FIREFOX.?

    APPLE !! i smell only fruit!.
  19. remrow

    Bloggers' Corner

    How is the w3schools forum? – A Review * Making a completely Free Website (better places) * making your website / blog popular...
  20. remrow

    Which is best OPERA OR MOZILLA FIREFOX.?

    Even though i like appple(fruit) i hate safari.
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