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  1. QwertyManiac

    What song are you addicted to at the moment?

    Oddly, it's still this one.
  2. QwertyManiac

    Yet Another Digit Software Archive

    I wish this comment was sarcasm. Would be so much more apt! ;-)
  3. QwertyManiac

    problem in PyQt4 program

    Yes, you should be able to use Python's own threads over QThreads. However, the latter supports the whole signals-and-slots concept, if you swing that way.
  4. QwertyManiac

    problem in PyQt4 program

    You're downloading within the application's thread. That would block it, naturally. Try threading out your downloader operations as a solution, making it report some progress only when required. It would be a good exercise to add to your skill-building.
  5. QwertyManiac

    doubt between fscanf and fgets

    Why suggest std::cin when the OP is using C, and confuse him?
  6. QwertyManiac

    Angry BIrds Game for MObile and PC

    Why play Angry Birds, when you can play Angry Nerds? Atlassian - Angry Nerds
  7. QwertyManiac

    [Multiplayer] Armagetron Advanced

    Lets lightcycle then! I'll be up for another couple of hours, and am hosting. Get onto #grind on FreeNode and give my nick a ping to join! Update for today: Well I'll thank Notepad, GDB, GCC, LaTeX, TeX and Word for playing today. P.s. If I get time this week, I'll look to setup a dyndns...
  8. QwertyManiac

    Gnome 3 + shell

    But Garbage, Opinions == Curses. It all boils down to meta and muscle memory in the end :grin:
  9. QwertyManiac

    [Multiplayer] Armagetron Advanced

    Hey ico, could you get onto #grind on FreeNode and ping me when you're up? I should be on for another couple of hours :) Post-play Edit: Great session ico, thanks for spending some time to play! I need to really tweak this thing up for a good experience :D
  10. QwertyManiac

    [Multiplayer] Armagetron Advanced

    Armagetron Advanced [Download] Would any of you be interested in playing this neat Light-cycle game (as seen in both, TRON and TRON: Legacy movies)? Post here and if we have enough interest, we can host matches and play :grin: There is a lot of skill to conquer to play this type of a...
  11. QwertyManiac

    Regular expressions in python

    It is a simple matter of iterating over issues and building your solution. Starting off, you will want to match 'any' string, not characters belonging to a set (A simple .* within comments, perhaps). Next, you'll need to handle detection of newline characters (\r as well as \n, if you may)...
  12. QwertyManiac

    Gnome 3 + shell

    People. Opinions. Software. Sources.
  13. QwertyManiac

    Post a program here and get featured in Digit

    Not bothered about being late for the article, just here for pointing something out. That is geo357, author of GeoXPlanet - detailed in the thread here.
  14. QwertyManiac

    eBook for Python

    Learning Python is one of the better books I've come across. Give books a short read before judging them by size. :-|
  15. QwertyManiac

    what is bellman ford algorithm??

    It is a solution to compute single-source shortest paths on a graph which has negative-weighed edges.
  16. QwertyManiac

    *urgent* Plz suggest a book on JAVA

    Java exam includes JavaScript? Weird.
  17. QwertyManiac

    Please Debug this C++ program

    Next up, one liners. Same thing. long int fact(int n) { return n>1?n*fact(n-1):1; }
  18. QwertyManiac

    18 super moderators, 6 admins = 1 mismanaged forum called ThinkDigit forum

    Or, Making Digit into 4Chan, since 2009.
  19. QwertyManiac

    Python: why it worked later, function keywords:

    Its because your g function is set to accept one formal parameter and optional keyword arguments after it. So its set to accept only 2 arguments inside the class, the class itself and s. In Python, the * is usually used to "unpack" a tuple or a list for passing them as arguments to a...
  20. QwertyManiac

    book on python

    Whoa, I remember getting Filled-Void and mine at Rs. 650/- in Landmark nearly a year ago. Prices must have increased now, I guess.
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