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  1. rajesh

    No More Piracy

    Depends. complete version is about 10 k i think. only a upgrade is a bit cheaper.
  2. rajesh

    Where to get Lots of e-Books?

    legal downloads r very tough. Try gutenberg.
  3. rajesh

    Advice on creating good webpages

    Nothing great there. The thing about the supermodel pic sucks. Does not get my seal of approval
  4. rajesh

    on startin

    Loose Connection. Check ur wiring.
  5. rajesh

    can nebody tell the model names of the SE fones advt>?????

    LOL. I saw the title of the post and was wondering Models? :)
  6. rajesh

    Demon tool it of concern ?

    I dont know about the prolem, but for getting the contents of the ISO, WinRAR is enough.
  7. rajesh

    icons missing -please help

    Did u change the icons ? If so maybe the icons may have been deleted.
  8. rajesh

    WoW... An Online RPG Funeral Gets Ambushed

    Video: * *
  9. rajesh


    looks really cool. Will get a cabinet that looks similar. 8)
  10. rajesh

    Problem installing SQL Server 2000

    Funny. I never encountered such an issue before :)
  11. rajesh

    SQL server ERROR

    Hope this helps :) *
  12. rajesh

    Sites Blocked

    Use * @yash20_shah: These sites are blocked in colleges for a reason and i advise u stay of them when in ur college
  13. rajesh

    Flash animations saving.

    Use Firefox. Open the page and goto Tools->Page Info->Media. Select the Flash file from the List and click Save as.
  14. rajesh

    Google Blacklists BMW

    So only willl not come. will come up in the searches :)
  15. rajesh

    Apple Introduces a 1GB iPod Nano

    Apple's new 1GB iPod Nano occupies the $149 price point Apple has introduced another member to the iPod Nano family. The new 1GB model joins the existing 2GB ($199) and 4GB Nano ($249) portable music players and carries a price tag of $149. The 1GB Nano holds an estimated 240 songs and...
  16. rajesh

    Windows OneCare to Launch in June

    Microsoft Plans To Launch Its Security Suite In June Microsoft Windows OneCare Live launches in June for an annual fee of $49.95 Microsoft plans to jump in feet first with its first foray into the software antivirus market. The company's subscription-based Windows OneCare Live software will...
  17. rajesh

    Urgent: HTML Programs/Projects

    I think one post is enough :) *
  18. rajesh

    How to download online videos

    I dont know Y u guys Get angry. If evryone is using Google, then u dont need any support forums. If u cant help, then be quiet. :roll:
  19. rajesh

    help system shock 2

    Hey. I have Win XP, but with SP1. It works fine in my system. DO u have SP2? Maybe that could be the problem.
  20. rajesh

    Is America better than India???

    Politicians and the Babus. ALso, WE in a way :(
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