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  1. yogi7272

    Samsung Galaxy S II

    @kalpik - BTW, who is this source of yours ? A certain someone from mumbai whom I know too :)
  2. yogi7272

    The Xperia Arc thread!!!

    Ohh my god @dreamcatcher still hasn't got Xperia ARC..
  3. yogi7272

    Nokia N8 hits Indian shelves tomorrow, for Rs. 26,259

    @KaranTh85 - These days not on the forums. Rest assured N8 is a great device. Fantastic gadget.
  4. yogi7272

    Nokia N8 hits Indian shelves tomorrow, for Rs. 26,259

    22.5k is great price for N8. And its camera is not just good its simply exceptional for a mobile device. Keep waiting for ages for such camera to arrive on other devices specially ones from HTC :)
  5. yogi7272

    NOkia N8 Deaths: The Nokia N8 and Nokia C7 Dying around the Globe

    My N8 is two months old and its still working. Someone pls go and tell eldar about it :) About screen size- minimum 3.5" to max 4.3" ..
  6. yogi7272

    Nokia N8:Will You W8 For It??? Cybernautes

    Someone just said 3G here ? I am using MTNL 3G here in navi mumbai with speed of around 450-500 kbps, a bit low for 3G but much better than those of Airtel Edge connection. I am very happy with its performance on Galaxy S. Hard to go back to edge connection after you have been used to 3G :)
  7. yogi7272

    Nokia N8:Will You W8 For It??? Cybernautes

    N8 has broadcom BCM 2727 application processor as gpu - google it ..its better than the one in Iphone 4 but slower than the one in Galaxy S - the powervr sgx 540 one. But the point is its pretty good for N8 :)
  8. yogi7272

    "Nokia X6 questions here"

    What about one very important aspect of "multitasking" in a smartphone ? Is Wave better than X6 in that regard ? Hell No .. or An excellent twitter client like "Gravity" for bada ? No I dont think so ..
  9. yogi7272

    Nokia N8:Will You W8 For It??? Cybernautes

    @nikhilpai- Nope. It will be having Android 2.1 when all other HTC and Samsung devices will be having Android 3.0 and then SE will promise to bring Android 2.2 in the second half of 2012 :)
  10. yogi7272

    The PSPhone. Finally. :D

    Very impressive. SE finally find a platform to design their PSP phone. Glad its coming on Android 3.0. Hope imaging capability will be equally good. Looking forward to this one :)
  11. yogi7272

    The Galaxy S thread!

    Updated my GS to DDJG4 and all those famous UI lag issues are gone for good :)
  12. yogi7272

    The Official HTC Desire Thread

    @webwizzy- I dont want to say more cos you find no difference between the AMOLED displays of Desire and Galaxy S. That statement alone proves the value of your judgement to me. I trust gsmarena more than a guy on a forum with just 3 posts to his credit. Anyways I have first hand experience of...
  13. yogi7272

    The Official HTC Desire Thread

    @webwizzy- Sorry, if you do think there is no difference between the AMOLED displays of Desire and Galaxy S then what more I can say. Even gsmarena claimed that display of GS is way way better than Desire or Nexus one. And good luck finding even AMOLED equipped desire now. Also for the heavy os...
  14. yogi7272

    The Official HTC Desire Thread

    You people are talking like there wont be any firmware update for GS to resolve the UI lag issues and it will be stuck with the current one for the rest of its lifespan. Want desire , get desire. What's the point for such thread.
  15. yogi7272

    The Official HTC Desire Thread

    @kalpik - Spot on. If your intent on using your phone in stock condition then android is not the right choice. I would take Galaxy S over any phone any platform now , that is untill I get my N8 :) Read this - * @sam9s-...
  16. yogi7272

    The Official HTC Desire Thread

    Desire is no competition for Galaxy S . If you want to know better the difference between these two processors then check out anandtech's review of Droid X. Galaxy S has btw, arm cortex A8 1ghz processor. Hummingbird is the name of the SOC which also has powervr sgx 540 which is only available...
  17. yogi7272

    Nokia N8 confusion

    Guys dont worry about that ancient ARM11 processor in N8 as its being assisted by broadcom BCM2727 gpu. Though its pity that N8 does not have ARM cortex A8 but its doing fine with the current hardware. Let it release first and we can experience first hand how good it is while heavy multitasking...
  18. yogi7272

    need a mobile (range 24k)

    If you are in a hurry, then get Vivaz. Or N8 will be available around late september. Also the option suggested by @desiibond - Wave + p&s camera is not a bad idea. Wave has very good 5mp cam with powerful single powerled flash which btw is stronger than the single led flash of Vivaz. Its...
  19. yogi7272

    suggest a 27"/24" monitor?

    Got BENQ G2420HD sometime in april for 10.8k .. excellent monitor..
  20. yogi7272


    Hello , so how is my thread doing !! N86 is not discontinued just that currently no stocks are available, hence the common excuse of yeh to abhi discontinue ho gaya etc.. N86 is working superbly with ver 30 firmware. There was some dust on my camera sensor hence got it replaced under...
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