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  1. ray|raven

    Creative Vado

    Err, i do know its priced at a hundred dollars in the US. But , we rarely get gadgets for the same price here , do we?
  2. ray|raven

    Need cdma mobile upto 9k

    Why not go for the Samsung D780/D880 ? They're dual sim's , so if you decide to ditch cdma, you can still use the phone.
  3. ray|raven

    Creative Vado

    ^Answer the question nutty :p Anyways, i aint getting it, thanks for the concern. I'm more interested in the new HD model thats coming up. I wanted to know what the price for this is , thats all.
  4. ray|raven

    Creative Vado

    Is the Creative Vado available in India? I see its listed on the creative india site. Also ,any clues to the price here?
  5. ray|raven

    The Call of Cthubuntu

    Amazing! Truly Amazing!
  6. ray|raven

    Pidgin Plungins Required

    Also try pidgin-webkit, lt lets you use Adium message styles in pidgin. Works only on nix though.
  7. ray|raven

    All laptop related queries here!!!

    Can someone tell me the price of the Inspiron 13 in India? The dell site doesnt seem to list it.
  8. ray|raven

    Fastest Browser..(based on personal experience)

    Yea, Its always Opera.
  9. ray|raven

    Alternate Web Browsers

    Midori is really getting along nicely. I suggest you compile from git , as there a lot of new additions from the last stable release. also, there's Arora , its a Qt/Webkit based browser.
  10. ray|raven

    Michael Crichton dies of Cancer

    Rest In Peace!. This is really shocking news! Can the O.P give some source?
  11. ray|raven

    TV Tuner within 1.5k

    ^I got one of those , for just watching tv occasionally. And yes its superb vfm. I bought it as it only wanted to watch tv without any hassles , and it does the job perfectly. But i think i got it for less than 1.5k .
  12. ray|raven

    A netbook.. Which one?

    The Linux version of the Aspire One is 20k. I guess you could look into that. Although i dont understand why people would buy netbooks with low processing power and extremely tiny screens for so much, when they get laptops with much better configs for a couple of thousand extra.
  13. ray|raven

    A Digital Camera for around 10k...

    How abt the Kodak ZD710 , its ~11k i think , and its got almost complete manual control. with 7.1 MP and 10x Optical Zoom. You could also opt for the Fujifilm S5800 which has similar specs.
  14. ray|raven

    Please Help me to choose new bike.

    I'd say wait for it. Unicorn is a damn good buy. I'm using one since last March and i never had an issue with it and I get ~47kmpl on Hyderabad roads.
  15. ray|raven

    Best MP3 player for under Rs 4k

    ^And why is that?
  16. ray|raven

    Best MP3 player for under Rs 4k

    I've got a sansa express thats abt six months old , bought it for around 2k. It's got 2 gigs of inbuilt memory and comes with a memory card slot that takes upto 8gigs incase you want to increase the storage. Gives me around 12 hrs on a full charge. No video though.
  17. ray|raven

    Comparison of typical browser users ;)

    ^Didnt you read the Section name before entering? :p
  18. ray|raven

    Comparison of typical browser users ;)

    What was the line again? Opera ftw!? :D
  19. ray|raven

    Which Linux???

    A good number of distros come with codecs installed. For Beginners , Mint or openSUSE or Mandriva should be good .
  20. ray|raven

    !..All Discussion related to Digit IRC..!

    I know only one guy krazzy enough to imagine such nonsense. All these days i thought krazzy cudnt get any krazzier , guess am wrong :p
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