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  1. vedula.k95

    Buying advice.

    Was too confused where to post so posted here,I don't exactly need a new phone advice but I am here in search for charger,I have a Ipro 10400 mAH power bank but I have a shitty low AMP charger which powers my phone like a turtle. I want you guys to suggest me which is the best high AMP phone...
  2. vedula.k95

    Need a phone with range 7K - 8K with good Camera quality.

    1. Budget? 7K - 9K 2. Display type and size? Not enough experience with displays but my last two device had IPS LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors and it was comfy;5 inch or 4.7. 3. Dual sim? Yes 4. Preferred choice of brand? LTE 5. What camera option you want (flash, front facing...
  3. vedula.k95

    Hey folks,need an Android APP which can turn my phone into a Webcam and phone Mic as a reciever.

    So the question says it all,I wan't to turn my phone into a WebCam and my phone reciever as Mic for Skype utility. Is it possible? OS:Windows 7.
  4. vedula.k95

    Wireless headphones in and around 800.

    Hey forums, Please help me with choosing a headphones, purpose of the headphone TV show Music Non gaming. I want it ASAP if possible i can go for offline buy and yeah please suggest me some good brand which has vast number of service outlets across India.
  5. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 new phone repeated wi fi disconnects

    Its working well for me. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  6. vedula.k95

    Suggest a power bank Budget:700+-200.

    Hello forum, as the title states I am in need of a power bank but I couldn't decide which one to go for,that's why I posted it here.Devices which I am gonna plug in on it are Redmi Note 3,LYF jio Hotspot phone. Location:Bhubneswar and Jamshedpur,so please suggest those brands which has a...
  7. vedula.k95

    Hard Disk 100% usage

    I too have the same problem,the disk usage is always at 100,but I don't seem to have any trouble with "Reallocated Sectors Count" and my CrystalDisk is showing GOOD as health status,should I be worried? or should I perform more test with my HD? and the task which uses most of my disk are...
  8. vedula.k95

    Battlefield 4

    I switch to bsnl when i play Bf4 ,i get around 120 ms, which can be considered avg,given the shitty internet architecture of this country. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  9. vedula.k95

    Battlefield 4

    Got it for around 650 ,have been downloading free DLC since then battlefiled 1 is coming,they are relaesing every DLC on house. I used DC. Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  10. vedula.k95

    Battlefield 4

    - - - Updated - - - its not downloaded yet,but I have two options here use my JIO or use my broadband at night. BDW what ping you are getting on India or Singapore?
  11. vedula.k95

    Battlefield 4

    yep,did saw a youtube video with the same specification as mine. - - - Updated - - - hello everyone finally I reached home and rushed ti G2A account for BF4 key,inserted in and got the product :party_NF: Network:Reliance Jio (LYF Mobile) My origin ID:arrylves Please Invite me guys I am...
  12. vedula.k95

    Battlefield 4

    Will my GPU run it on atleast mid settings? Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  13. vedula.k95

    Battlefield 4

    Hey thats some good KIA,bought standard version from G2A,here are my specs below. Asus R7 260X Corsair 8 gig ram Pentium g3220 dual core. Western digital- 1 tb hard disk. I think except for the cpu everything meets the basic requirement of the game.Is this cpu centric game? I will be...
  14. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 Screen crack,should I have to replace the whole frontal part?

    Actually i have the same combo as yours the only difference is the that I appled the tampered glass later,well i too have the same case for protection,thought it would be enough for the screen,i was wrong . Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  15. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 Screen crack,should I have to replace the whole frontal part?

    alright,do you know any proper service center here in Bhubaneswar? since I have to change the whole frontal frame,I think its not a better alternative since the crack is in the bottom left,I ordered a Tempered glass already and its already on its way,one more question,will screen guard protect...
  16. vedula.k95

    At age 82, 'student' fails class 10 exam for 47th time

    bro? don't hush its good at least he has some pretty decent goal,all people I see in his age are either unhappy with the material pleasure they get hold of or just the Parkinson is ****ing them really bad,so that's that India is a democratic country where you can do pretty much everything.
  17. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 Screen crack,should I have to replace the whole frontal part?

    yeah,ordered one screen guard a week ago,local courier guys flagged it not received. :( edit -: will I get original Mi Screen from Ebay? or flipkart?
  18. vedula.k95

    Redmi Note 3 Screen crack,should I have to replace the whole frontal part?

    Hello forum, Bought Redmi Note 3 few weeks ago,should have taken insurance :( ,unfortunately my screen got cracked due to the bending while riding bike. Ordered a tampered glass the crack is barely noticeable right at the corner,but still if I have some bucks I will try to repair it DIY...
  19. vedula.k95

    Honda Navi to launched @ INR 48,000

    Who will buy this ****? Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
  20. vedula.k95

    Is this site for free Jio 4G SIM authentic?

    Free sim with 90 GB available at local store? Sent from my Redmi Note 3 using Tapatalk
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