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  1. harryneopotter

    Big Ant Cricket 2014 Thread

    whoa...waiting for it ... Day 1 Buy :D
  2. harryneopotter

    Hilarious TV Series?

    Modern Family (Very under rated) Seinfeld Fawlty Towers (should be more popular than it is )
  3. harryneopotter

    Worlds fastest net

    atleast 8 SATA 6 Gbps SSDs in Raid 0 will be needed to download data with that speed. % of that will be 400 Mbps i.e. 50 MBps i.e. an 8 GB Full HD Rip in less than 3 Mins. Yeah ...i will consider myself lucky if i get that speed ! :D :mrgreen:8-)
  4. harryneopotter

    do you seed???

    i do seed. I clean my utorrent once in 4-5 months or so. Otherwise i never delete torrents. My upload speed is equal to my download speed (1Mbps), so no issues to seed. Doesnt matter if its private or public tracker. The upload amount is almost double than download every month. I guess this...
  5. harryneopotter

    Car under 10 lakhs

    if you can wait a few months ...and are not hell bent on getting a sedan .... wait for Ford EcoSport. The top diesel model is supposed to be just under 10L on road !
  6. harryneopotter

    Best Z68 Mobo in various Price Ranges

    Add this too : Intel DZ68DB -- 7500/- and Asus Maximus IV Gene-Z - 14k approx.
  7. harryneopotter

    Pls suggest software for video calling over internet

    +1 to google+ hangouts. I have been in two hangouts till date. The first one lasted 6 hours, with around 15-20 ppl in total and the second one lasted 12 hours with around 15-18 ppl. The maximum limit is 10 ppl at one time. The experience was really great and its very easy to setup too. Just...
  8. harryneopotter

    Good Old Childhood Days....

    Correction, Dhruv is my fav and Doga is still bada$$. Yes, Raj comics is still going strong.
  9. harryneopotter

    Full HD 23" monitor for photo editing

    AOC is one of the biggest OEM panel manufacturer for many reputed brands like HP, HCL etc.
  10. harryneopotter

    Full HD 23" monitor for photo editing

    the cheapest option will be AOC 23" IPS LED monitor, which is available for 11.1k at nehru place. Sleek in design, IPS Panel, In built Speakers, HDMI, Wall mount etc. Great buy at this price.
  11. harryneopotter

    Some questions abt the new Lumia 610

    lumia 610 will be better than HTC Explorer !
  12. harryneopotter

    Any major disadvantages of Asus Maximus IV gene Z?

    how much did u get it for ? And from where ?
  13. harryneopotter

    TDF "BAN" thread

    no ban till date.....wat a shame ..apparently !
  14. harryneopotter

    Any major disadvantages of Asus Maximus IV gene Z?

    apart from the size, there is not drawback here. And the size is a drawback only if u prefer full ATX boards. Otherwise, a good board.
  15. harryneopotter

    Help me cross the bridge !!

    good choice. Though you could have gotten the cabinet a little cheaper at nehru place.
  16. harryneopotter

    What did you eat today?

    matar ke paranthe + muli ke paranthe + dhaniye ki chutney + dahi !
  17. harryneopotter

    Very High End Gaming PC assembly

    for headphone, get CM STORM Sirus. An excellent Headset.
  18. harryneopotter

    Very High End Gaming PC assembly will get much better pricing from sumwhere else. Do post here before u make the final purchase !
  19. harryneopotter

    psu recommendation

    ^^ No way. Extreme Power series is not all recommended.
  20. harryneopotter

    psu recommendation

    Best PSU in Cooler Master in you range - CM Real Power Pro 460W. Would be sufficient. Otherwise, Seasonic S12II 520W is also a good option for just a few hundred Rs more.
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