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    They mean this: * And I second it! It's awesome!!
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    .exe virus trouble. Plz help

    The best option you've got is running an online scan. Otherwise, you might wanna try disabling the autorun feature on all drives and manually deleting the .exe files using the command prompt. If they are write protected, just try this in the command prompt:- attrib -r -a -s -h <filename.exe>...
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    Century's longest solar eclipse on July 22

    I saw it! I saw it! I used a mobile camera placed in the middle of a cardboard with a tiny hole (So as to shield my eyes!!!). That was something truly spectacular!!. My town did have lots of clouds(Bhagalpur, bihar) but I saw it!!!! :D
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    Why TDf guyz ABSENT ??

    Well, I'm back! :D I guess I'm not one of old genius leet types, but I don't mind! :p I had to be offline for some time. I missed this place a lot (missed the bugs too :D).
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    Who Is Prerana ???

    I'm not getting any mails! But maybe that's because I've created a filter to block it. :D * whistles *
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    Forum Improvement Suggestions

    I've been offline too much lately. It was such a shock to see lots of things working after returned to the forum! :lol: Thank you, admins! One more thing, any chance for the proper functioning of the Signature Image feature? Or maybe you guys should simply delete it. (It looks like a bug, you...
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    Any Naruto Fans out here?

    451 is out too! And they DID officially name Danzo the sixth kage at that time. For a moment I thought someone was gonna say Uzumaki Naruto. But it's too early for that. :D And now, Danzo has gone on and decided to finally dispose of Sasuke as a missing-nin. :rolleyes: Yeah, right! Like any...
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    Happy Birthday, ichi! Where is that dancing pig? :lol::lol: :D Isn't he up yet? Waiddaminute, what does In Shameful Misery mean? He hasn't been banned, has he?
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    Fury at school 'mock hanging'

    Poor kid! What a shocking news! Too much interactivity in classes foten results in such things. I know of a similar incident that took place in my town, but in this one, the teacher was more responsible for this death. A teacher used a chalkboard duster to beat a student down to death (A...
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    No start menu or taskbar in vista <HEEELLLPPP>

    Try pressing [Windows]+R and type in explorer.exe and run it. If your task managerisn't working, I think you have a virus. Try an online scanner like Mcafee or something. Also, try to scan using a good Anti-spyware/malware. If everything seems clean and no viruses are detected, try to run...
  11. alexanderthegreat

    Nigerian Scam?

    That was stupendous! :lol: :lol: :lol:. I used to neglect any scam emails I recieved, but that site has inspired me to do some scambaiting... :twisted: I must thank you for pointing out that site! :lol: Poor scammer!
  12. alexanderthegreat

    How can you guys forget spammer b'day?? (MHG)

    :shock: Aw! How come I failed to notice this thread??? Anyway, here's wishing you a very late happy birthday! :P
  13. alexanderthegreat

    Happy Birthday to hari_sanker_r! (and others too! Really!)

    Bechare hari ke liye koi Happy budday thread nahi bana raha tha. I thought I'd better do it! :D :D :D So:- Happy birthday to A.R.Anilkumar, vrslvrs, rajpalsingh, moca, kari24, SyedSuhailahmed6233, sedhuait, nazaninnn, hari_sanker_r. Enjoy the day, guys! May your ammunition last long and...
  14. alexanderthegreat

    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism

    Even though I check almost every hour, all I see is snip-snip-snippity-snip! Do you guys have a fixed time for playing? :???:
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    Any Naruto Fans out here?

    ^^449 is out! Exactly as predicted, <SPOILER!!! Select to read>Nagato returned the souls back. And Kakashi is alive too. He was having a little chat with the White Fang of Konoha when Nagato interrupted him. And Sasuke's set out for Konoha finally!</spoiler>
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    Do you hate your principal/school head ?

    In my case, the principal is OK but the (former) Vice Principal really made my head boil in cold fury! Grrr.... Right from the moment he arrived, he started to make my life hell. Good thing he got transferred though. I always concentrated on imagining my anger, burning and melting him to a...
  17. alexanderthegreat

    Microsoft takes on Google

    ^^Yep, that might be the news. But seriously, what's the point of renaming live search to Bing or Bong or whatever??? Even the name sounds funny!!! :lol: Bing!
  18. alexanderthegreat

    Urban Terror - Fun Over Realism

    Finally! Summer Vacations! If anybody hosts, I'll play now! Sorry for the long gap guys!Teh noob is back! One more thing, do you guys use Hamachi?
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    Any Naruto Fans out here?

    ^^And then Madara will help Naruto to defeat the rest of the akatsuki, and then akatsuki will help Naruto to defeat the elders and then the elders will help Naruto to defeat the root of all evil: Haruno, Sakura!!! BWAHAHHAHAHAHHAHAHAH.... :D. 449 is due today. The new jutsu of Nagato will be...
  20. alexanderthegreat

    Any Naruto Fans out here?

    So, has anyone read 448 yet? Whaddaya reckon the new jutsu will be? I think Nagato is going to suicide. Because he knows he has wasted his life. And what do you guys think of the new revelation? <Spoiler!!! Select to read>Naruto was named after a novel character made by Jiraiya who in turn...
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