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    WARNING!!! For Distance Education students aspiring for UGC-NET / Academics

    I am doing lateral entry MBA from Punjab Technical University. I already did my PGDM through an AICTE approved institute but later came to know that you can’t get into academics without a MBA degree (PGDM is Diploma, Period!!!) Hence I enrolled in lateral entry MBA through PTU in Sep 2009...
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    Samsung 793DF problem

    Had to bump on a very old post but can't help writing. Actually i too have the same monitor and i suffered the same problem. Reason : - THESE ARE FAKE OR DISCARDED MONITORS, confirmed by the Samsung India Guy.
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    FS: Intel P4 3.0Ghz HT desktop + UPS

    If you take Asus or Gigabyte Used Mobo + 1 Month warranty = New Price would be Rs.8200
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    FS: Intel P4 3.0Ghz HT desktop + UPS

    I am from Delhi, total price is Rs.9000 including shipping ( for Delhi and NCR only). Motherboard is not yet purchased. Once a deal is done, i would be purchasing the best available Socket 478 motherboard + New Casing. One RAM is original Samsung (imported from HongKong), other is Dynet. UPS is...
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    Indian Muslims condemn terrorism

    You are absolutely true. And that's exactly what Islam tells you that you can never be a good Muslim until and unless you are a good human being. So deep is the hatred and animosity that people can't stand a single praise for Islam. Its their insecurity and burning rage against Islam which...
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    FS: Intel P4 3.0Ghz HT desktop + UPS

    S.No. Item Warranty 1. Motherboard Socket 478 (New) 1 Year 2. 3.0 GHz Pentium 4 HT CPU 6 Months 3. 1 Gb RAM (512mb x 2) 6 Months 4. 160 Gb Seagate...
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    Benq E2200HD 21.5inch Full HD - Is it available yet ?

    Is it available yet in Markets ?
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    BJP vs Congress !!

    Talking of UCC, Muslims in India can marry only 4 wives and that is because it is upper limit as per their religious book, i.e, Quran. There is no upper limit of wives in Hinduism. Shri Krishna had 16108 wives, Raja Dasrath (father of Shri Rama) had 4 wives. And not even polygamy, Hindusim even...
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    Benq E2200HD 21.5inch Full HD - Is it available yet ?

    Ya, i also heard of this GTG thing. But i am not fully aware of it. Can you give me a link about this scam ? Ya, i too have a personal bias against internal speakers of any monitor. They really don't make a difference. Well, right now the price of rupee is highly depreciated. I think i may...
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    The Zeitgeist

    There's a book called Debunking 9/11 Debunking. Its debunks all Popular Mechanics and contemporary debunking. * Lets, forget about the religion thing because that was an unwanted and personal issue but the main protagonist here is 9/11. All people...
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    Firefox - Extreme Torture

    100+ Tabs ? What the hell u do with those, i dont think i never went beyond 20-30, :confused:
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    End Of Gaming and End of Graphic Cards / Console

    Your explanation is very good and it does make a point. But what about those characters which were there in Hollywood movies and made using pure CG (for e.g the mouse Stuart Little) I am not asking about 2D or 3D, i am just considering the realism in the games
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    End Of Gaming and End of Graphic Cards / Console

    I never talked about console in particular. I think i am not able to clarify my point or people are not able to understand me. Lets make it very simple Nvidia or Ati brings a graphic chip called 'Ultimate X' - This chip provides the graphics as real thing. Means just like watching a video or...
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    End Of Gaming and End of Graphic Cards / Console

    Alexander, you're not getting me. I am not comparing it on the concept. That i already mentioned that movie is pre-rendered and you can't control its characters. I am just comparing it for the visual thing. Means no visual difference when you are playing a game or watching a movie or video Now...
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    Benq E2200HD 21.5inch Full HD - Is it available yet ?

    Thank you for the contact details. Well, i just have the enthu, i may not buy it before you. :cool: Actually, i am also waiting for some review of this monitor :D. Yet, if i do buy it, then i would definitely post a review ;) I just contacted the Benq person, he informed that it would take...
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    End Of Gaming and End of Graphic Cards / Console

    Don't get me wrong. Gameplay has nothing to do with photo realism of the game. Ofcourse, a game with better gameplay is better than a game with better graphics. But you don't need to change your console or graphic card to play a game with better gameplay(if its playable on your card or console...
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    End Of Gaming and End of Graphic Cards / Console

    This thought is going in my mind since few years and today i thought to share it with you. Although its a very common thought and it may have been discussed here. I have not checked the older posts, so if it is a repetition, then please ignore this post. So the issue is that there is an end to...
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    Delete pages from PDF files

    Instead of doing all these things, just download Acrobat Writer and it will do everything :rolleyes:
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    PSP for Sale..

    3.5K + Whatever may be the shipping charges - just want PSP + Charger + sent in very safe packaging (to Delhi)
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    Benq E2200HD 21.5inch Full HD - Is it available yet ?

    Thanks Paul for your info. I tried calling Delhi and Mumbai Benq dealers but couldn't get a response. Now I will call the local dealers in a day or two. Meanwhile, can you give me the Benq numbers so that I can ask any direct or official Benq dealer in Delhi. The Benq India site doesn't carry a...
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