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    can i really use airtel live for free internet on pc

    Hey can u please let me know how to connect the Airete MO through laptop
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    Image in a MP3 file..!!

    HI.. thank u for replies..!!! MP3 Tag is a nice software..!! Thanks again
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    Image in a MP3 file..!!

    Hey I found image displayed in a mp3 file downloaded from some site. Hows this possible? Can v include a image with mp3 file? please explain
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    Video editing

    Hi, I haev seen in some of the TV channels they show video albums. In which person will be in color and backgroudn wll be in balck and white, and many other effects tooo created,. Do anyone here know that which software used for that? please help me
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    hey u can split the avi file and using nero make a VCD. I tried. Its working
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    Hey What about "SuBhashgiri" Like in Rang De Basanthi??
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    ~~awesome Untold Features In Sony Ericsson K800~~(unofficial)

    Hey can u explain me how to update firmware in SE 800i where will we get and if u can explain step by step it will be usefull.
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    Write divx movie in cd

    I have got some video files with a DIVX logo. But there is not extension for the file. Whenever I open it , it wil ask for software and widnows MP will play the file. Now if i want to make a DVD of that file, which software shall i use? How to find that my DVD player got DIVX codec. And will...
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    Digital Dolby 5.1 ?????

    Hey I had tried writting ordinary mp3 in to DVD and played in a 5.1 music system. Its working . why cant try it? I guess it is 5.1 channel sound because SOngs which played is distributed in 5 speaker. I mean when playing, some of the music will played in back speakers. I had listen to song of...
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    Digital Dolby 5.1 ?????

    Try this * But u know, I had written a MP3 DVD using Latest Nero(total 900songs in a DVD 5) and played in VINVERTH 5.1 DVD player. It plays 5.1 CHannel sound. I dont know how. But it is true. I dint tried other players.
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    what should be india's national language?

    HINDI HINDI HINDI But hey U guys ever thought of teching Hindi or your own language (mother toungue) to your computer ??? I mean as my mother toungue is kannada, but only windows XP can display unicode kannada font. What if we are get together and create a software to teach mothertoungur to our...
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    ```Blue Color DVD is not working on my DVD ROM!!

    Hi, I think that is COPY PROTECTED DVD. Even I have Original DVD of "When stranger calls" and can watch it in any home theater system, but my pc wont read it. I mean When we try to play in windows media player it says" copy protected cd" . When open the folder and tried to open "ifo" or "vop"...
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    Please send flash tutorials

    Hey i need it, can u send to me? please
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    How to delete NTFS Partition with Fdisk???

    HI, Now again I struck with a new pc which has only one NTFS Partition that is c: Now i want to delete it. As i have tried earlier fdisk cannt delete it. Please if anyone knows it better, please explain me the method step by step. thanks in advance
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    What about Sony Ericson CYBER SHOT??!!

    Hi friends!! No comments and reviews about Sony Ericsons Cyber shot mobile. If anyone got the mobile please post the pic taken by the camobile!!! And which model is good?!! There are lots of model like 790, 800I thanks
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    do u want to learn linux

    I am interested , but donot have linux cd. Is there any option that we get free linux???
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    to save embedded online videos

    Can we download streaming audio files from site???
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    Proxy Number how to use it?

    Hi, In our place some of the sites blocked. SO to open it someone sent me proxi number list. Like, But i dont know how to use it. Can anyone help me please. thanks
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    Illegal operation?????

    S i have planned to install xp, but when installing 98, there was problem. And I had formatted the pc because same pro was t here earlier.
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    Illegal operation?????

    Hi 2 all!! One of my friend have a P4 desktop with win98 installed. But now pc boots only in safe mode and shows "protection error" "illegal operation". Normal booting is not possible. SO i had formatted it, but the problem continuos. One of "PC doctor" told mother board gone!!! But i told...
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