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    ** All USB EVDO/HSDPA (3.5G) data cards or modems queries here **

    first be sure of Kbps and KBps thing Kbps = Kilo bits per second KBps = Kilo bytes per second 1 KBps = 8 Kbps so when u complain that u are getting 256 KBps then its ok with a 3.1 Mbps connection (3.1/8 MBps = 396.8 KBps maximum speed) if u are gonna buy something first be clear...
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    data stick buying suggestion

    suggest me a good data stick which will work in rural network where no 3g network is available and even no guarantee of full strength 2g network. is this tata photon plus or reliance net connect broadband+ use satellite internet when there is no coverage of their network
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