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    Official Android discussion thread

    Hi guys I want to use my phone as a webcam that can transfer live videos from my phones camera to my PC.i have tried Droid cam but it only works via USB cable and also I don't want to spend money for Droid cam x any suggestions?
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    Java phones

    I have tried reset several times but it simply doesn't works
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    Java phones

    I have a Samsung hero3g (gt-e3213k) about a month ago I downloaded a game and than my mobile restarted after that the problem began now I cannot open games in my phone and also my phone often restarts two days back my memory card also died Please help me how can restore the phone I have tried...
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    [FAQ] Android Customization: Tips and Tricks

    question I have a Samsung galaxy y duos lite (gt s5302) I want to instal custom ROM but when I downloaded ROM manager to instal cwm it says that gts5302 is not supported. So what can I do to instal cwm? Thanks in advance
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    gta 4

    Hey guys I have installed gta 4 recently on my system but it is a little bit slow so please help me how to overcome the problem. My cpu specs are Intel Pentium 3@3ghz,nvidia geforce 210 @ 1 gb ram 2 gb &500 GB hdd
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