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    DX 10 and Windows XP Query...

    DX10 designed specially for Vista. Better use authentic version for XP DX 9.0c
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    why fdm dont download my torrent file?

    Though more numbers of seeder matters most for fast download but seeder uploading speed is another criteria. Sometimes u will find single seeder gives more dload speed than a group even.
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    urgent help required.

    D'load COMBOFIX and RUN it. Before that disable system restore
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    Resetting windows password

    Use ERD Commander or Hiren's BOOT CD to change the Admin Password
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    Vista connects internet automatically

    Which type of Internet connection do u have mention it first? Hoping if you are using Dial-up Broadband, then choose the option "Never Dial a Connection" in connection section of Internet properties. After that the Net will be connected after your dial only. By the way check your system...
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