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    Which graphics card is best for Laptop

    Battery life is not a problem. I want top performance. I cannot compromise on that. I still can compromise on display. Money is not a problem. If I go for Geforce 7900GS not GT, will it satisfy my needs? I am still confused about the performance of Ati x1600 and Geforce 7900GS, becuse both have...
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    MCSE Anyone?

    I am an MCSE. I just go to a good training centre and learn it. U really need a lot of time to learn this, if u consider this seriosly. If u just want a certificate, u need not know anything, only some memory needed. If u plan ur career seriously, then go for MCSE in Windows Server 2003. Trust...
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    Which graphics card is best for Laptop

    Well, I am almost decided to buy Dell Inspiron 9400, and this one comes with an option of Nvidia Geforce Go 7900. If I buy that one, what are the minus points I need to encounter? Is that worth the Money? My config : Intel CoreDuo T2500 (2.0 GHz, 2MB Cache, 667 MHz FSB) Intel(R) 945 Chipset...
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    Which graphics card is best for Laptop

    Hi friends, I want to buy a Dell laptop. All other config are OK, but the choice between Graphics Card is really difficult. Ati mobility Radeon x1400 (256MB Hyper) and Nvidia Geforce Go 7200 256 MB Turbocache is the options in front of me. Which one is the best among these two? Which one give...
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    Going to buy Motorola V3x

    Thank u friends for ur discussions. I bought one Motorola V3x today. Very very nice, with a lot of functions. And it wont have any problem in india -coz it is a forign set, not a local set. I bought it for 13000 Rs. Very competitive , I think. Something very special is the 2 MP camera - really...
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    Going to buy Motorola V3x

    I am going to buy a Motorola V3x for 13000 Rs (450 S$). I am now studying in Singapore, just landed here 3 weeks ago, it is difficult to live without a mobile. Mobile phones are cheaper here. What is ur opinion about Motorola V3x? Is it have enough value for money at this price. It has a 2MP...
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    plz tell me latest price of computer parts

    I only know the price of a DDR 400 512MB ram which is 2300Rs. That is all i know 'cause I bought one and add it to my old pc.
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    Excessive packet dissemination by the server jamming network

    Did you have any antivirus. You must have the server vertion of some antivirus software. Antivir is recommented by me. Bitdifender and kaspersky and McAfee are good competitors. It is more than necessory for any server connecting to internet. Do a virus scan and remove the trojans. Also firewall...
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    Excessive packet dissemination by the server jamming network

    Did you configure Remote desktop to use the lowest bandwidth possible, this may make it look sluggish. but saves a lot of bandwidth. Also in firewall, block all ports except that of http,ftp,and any other critical application's port. Block icmp traffic on internet connection, and you can also...
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    Cant boot..../system/hal.dll

    Since there is Suse, bootcfg/rebuild maynot work correct. You may have to manually edit the boot.ini on windows xp partition, and give the correct partition no. on it. If it still didn't work, "expand h:\i386\hal.dl_ d:\windows\system32\hal.dll" command on Recovery console may work - replace...
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    Help urgent winXP installation

    Try creating a bootable original XP cd without service pack. You can get the boot file from, and write a new cd with the boot file in nero along with old XP cd contents.
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit March 06

    Contents and videos look cool 8) - but contents are becoming bulky, quality and popularity should get presidence over quantity :roll: . I hope from next month this will be followed. And one more thing, from next time add virus update files for antivir, avg, avast, kaspersky, mcafee, and all...
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    [Preview + Feedback] Digit February 2006

    Software archive is what we are looking for. Thanks for that. The CD/DVD contents are very very great. Multimedia section is a bit disappointing to me though.
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    [By Demand] Digit DVD/CD March 2006

    My demands of this Month: :arrow: Ulead Video Studio 9.0 Link 174MB :arrow: Ulead CD & DVD Picture Show 4.0 Link 83MB :arrow: Template Package for Nero Vision 4 Link 35.5MB :arrow: Nero Photoshow elite 1.01 Link 22 MB :arrow: Pinnacle Studio Plus 9.3.9 Link 215MB...
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    want to know the best s\w for tv tuner card

    Yes WinDVR for capturing. And for compression, you should use Nero Vision Express to convert it to MPEG4. It will give you the best quality at a decent compression - much better than MPEG2.
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    cyborg, It didn't worth reinstalling without giving any try. Antivirus scan in safemode and spyware scan with some more spy removers may stop this problem.
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    help me my pc is infected

    You must use some more antyspyware tools other than Ad Aware. Spybot SnD, Microsoft anty spy, along with Webroot Spysweeper is a good combination. When it comes spyware one guard is not enough.
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    how to know how much i downloaded it????

    I too have the question, how can they(sify) distinguish download ans surfing? Anybody there to clear this doubt? Surfing means downloading webpages with images. So, that too is downloading. If not , none of these softwares can help but only your download manager. Still I think surfing too is...
  19. S c drive is filling up by itself

    Did you restart the system and check it once again? If not do it now. Do you have any syatem crash last time? And a BSOD come up with a memery dump? If so, a file named MEMORY.DMP may be created. And use the software called 'Treesize' to know more about which folders taking your disk space...
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    Best Dvd Writer

    My vote go for LiteON for best price/perfomence ratio. Best perfomence goes to Sony.
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