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    Special Characters in ur filename!

    Have u ever seen the icon name of NFS Most Wanted on the desktop, when its installed properly. You might have notices the 'TM' character after the text 'Need For Speed'. Does n e 1 kno how to custom put such characters in your filename?
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    Plzzz...I don't like RESTARTS!!!!

    Hey!! Got it solved! The SMPS was Faulty, I got it replaced Thanx for helping me out guys!!
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    Plzzz...I don't like RESTARTS!!!!

    OK! Here it is...don't laugh...ppl do hav old computers!! Hardware: 650 MHz Pentium III 100MHz FSB 128 MB SDRAM (133 MHz) IDE Interface Intel Chipset 810 Motherboard LG DVD-ROM Drive GDR-8163B Samsung CD-RW Drive SW - 252F (2MB Buffer) The Computer is a branded one Model : HCL...
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    Plzzz...I don't like RESTARTS!!!!

    I don't get n e warnings and I think the restart is not triggered by any part of the OS. The problem is at the hardware level or BIOS, but I've checked all my settings Still I can't get it...
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    Plzzz...I don't like RESTARTS!!!!

    I don't kno frm when this weird bug is bugging me... I hav a DVD drive and a CD-RW drive on the Secondary Channel (IDE) The Primary Channel has the HDD only Primary Master -->HDD Primary Slave --> None Secondary Master --> DVD ROM Secondary Slave --> CD Writer Its a LG DVD ROM drive and...
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    Please help me get the best sound money can buy!!

    Thanx with those useful replies...I think I'll go 4 a Logitech set!
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    Please help me get the best sound money can buy!!

    All kinds!! Basically Trance, Dance, Hip-Hop even watch DVDs and play games like Doom III
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    Please help me get the best sound money can buy!!

    Hi Geeks! I want a 5.1 Speaker set (a nice branded one) with superb sound and professional design under 12,000 INR Suggest some 2.1 Sets also, money no bar! The sound should be AWESOME!!! Thanx in advance!!
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    Calling all Pune Techies...

    I'm too a Puneite :D Hey! Me too from the Rocking city PUNE!! Salaam! to all the techno-freaks of Pune I'm in Symbiosis SICSR
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    Is Samsung X430 rite for me?

    Hey Guys!! I wanna buy a 56K Color handset with GPRS and Java Plz suggest some models from Samsung and Nokia How bout Samsung x430 and C110? Is there n e probs in Samasung sets?(N E Probs...) thanx in advance
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    How bout NTFS to FAT??

    How to convert NTFS partition to FAT32 without formating the drive in Windows XP?
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    CD Writer Problem

    I've been using Samsung CDRW 4 bout 11 months, but no probs as such. It works fine. Ya, well sometimes I get "Power Calibration error" but dat too doesn't cause n e damage 2 the media. Another point is always use the button provided for ejecting/inserting the disks & never use the emergency...
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    Hmmmm...............tried reinstalling the OS??
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    Plzz tell me bout NIC aka LAN card!!

    Hey, got myself an Intex NIC & the load on my pocket was Rs 280 (a light load of course) N e idea howz this card??
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    Free greeting sites

    Check out: * Has really cute cards...
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    Can you escape this?

    Thanx, evey1. The prob got solved. The HD was formatted using a Win 98 CD and XP was then installed
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    Free greeting sites

    Hey, this link is broken. I think the site's down...
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    Free greeting sites

    :D Keep them coming pals... keep listing these greeting sites... :D
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    Free greeting sites

    Well, no doubt bout dat 123 is the best. Besides its being free it has a huge collection to choose frm.
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    Free greeting sites

    Well, is OK, but some cards take a lot of time 2 load and r really CPU & MEM hungry & that's too common too :wink:
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