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    Request for embedding python in C/C++ tutorial!!!

    Thanks daemon, annahussy for reply but the book is about c++ in embedded environment but guys i'm looking for embedding python code in c++. These two are different topics. I am not looking for embedded programing with c++ instead i want to write application and use power of python by embedding...
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    Request for embedding python in C/C++ tutorial!!!

    Hey guys i'm an intermediate C/C++ & python programmer.I want to take my skills to the next level i've looking all over the web for good python embedding tutorial but had no luck with it. Can someone please share an embedding tutorial using something like swig. I really want to use the power of...
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    Usb linux bootable problem!!!!

    I was trying to install ubuntu on my physical hard drive and to pace up the process I thought i should use bootable usb. When i made usb bootable (4gb san-disk) windows did not pick it up, more over it only shows now the capacity of pen-drive as 1 Gb (the setup of linux was about 3 gigs). So i...
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