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    Your Qualification and Designation

    B.E. Mech final year Placed in Satyam.
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    Reliance launches One Nation, One Tariff

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    NFS:MW Bounty

    Here's mine.. :)
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    A new indian email site!!!!

    Well, thanks for sharing. Its just very similar to fusemail service...the interface is also very same...same orange colours. Moreover the service offered for downloading all the emails into this account. But i don't think we can rely on this service, coz even fusemail started its service as a...
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    Airtel goes 512kbps unlimited?

    There is something wrong with that touchtel bandwidth test... Check this out....hehe
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    The 6200 TC(Turbo Cache) version is a slowed down version of the original...and i advice you strongly not to go for it... Read More
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    Which graphic card ?

    Dude consider upgrading your CPU...1.7ghz of a p4 is no where to play games. The 6600 GT is an amazing gfx card, but you won't get the best of it with a slower CPU...i mean the games just doesn't completely rely on the gfx card, some processes are done using the CPU even if u buy 6600...
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    Which graphic card ?

    6600 GT is the perfect choice... :)
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    Holographic Rival to Blu-ray, HD-DVD

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    Graphics cards you were using over the years

    Nvidia Rivatuner TNT2 32 MB Geforce FX 5200 128 MB Nvidia Geforce 6600 LE 128 MB :)
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    New telecom policy: It's going to be consumer first

    I guess this is what we have been waiting for. Now the private operators have a fair chance to compete in the telecom industry. I think BSNL & MTNL have to do something more when this new policy is out.. Source
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    help for graphic card

    You got me wrong dude...the zebronics people sell both their own manufactured card and also leadtek....actually I meant not to query through the zebronics website...because they somehow change your mind to buy zebronics card, which is the worst...:)
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    GeForce 6200 Is it good enough?

    The 6200 is a really good card. If u are low on budget, then i recommend u to go for 6200. The 6200 is also based on the same chipset core of 6600...i.e NV43. But the only difference between the two is the no. of pipelines. 6200 has 4, whereas 6600 has 8 pipelines. Both have the same core clock...
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    [BSNL] Free upgrade to Broadband for dial up Internet users.

    Source Thats a good initiative. I guess BSNL will be getting a lot more subscribers...good going BSNL. [/url]
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    help for graphic card

    Never look into Zebronics...its the worst experience i've had...don't do the same mistake i did. The memory provided by them on the graphics card is of the lowest clock speed. I got a 6600 LE from zebronics and i got the card with a memory clock speed of just 400 Mhz. Damn! i din't check the...
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    Demo Central

    Need For Speed Most Wanted Demo Details: EA has released a demo for the much anticipated Need for Speed: Most Wanted. This demo has two Quick Race tracks , with three different cars, alongside three Challenge tracks: pursuit length, toll booth, and road block dodge. Publisher...
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    Help in buying AGP graphics card

    @ctrl_alt_del, @raj14 Hmm...thats chennai the cheapest that i can get for a 6600 non-gt is Rs.6000 from zebronics and Rs.6200 for Leadtek...anybody knows if 6600 non-gt is available for around 5k in Chennai ? @gamer I think you can also go in for Geforce 6200 non-TC 128-bit 128mb...
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Wow!...thats damn the way what company does he offer for that rate ?
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    Graphics Cards related queries here.

    Hey guys have u heard of Zebronics brand...anyone using graphic card from their brand ?? They are offering me 6600 non-gt for Rs.6000 and Leadtek for Rs.6500....what should i go for ?
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    Havok FX Engine to Compute Physics Effects on GPUs

    Read more... Seems like AGEIA will be in trouble even before it gets released. I hope Havok FX will squeeze out everything from the graphics to give ultimate physics effects..[/url]
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