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    Galaxy J7 good buy for 15k?

    How about Micro max?
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    What makes a mobile heat

    i have too, but no issue man!!!
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    Windows 10 get for FREE

    anyway it's not tottally "free"!
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    New Google Logo? Do you like it? (POLL)

    no doubt that it really looks cooler in my phone! i like!
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    Laptop under 45k for Dota 2

    If you are going for 45K, give a thought about Macbook Air 13 inches. Is is fast with flash drives, i5 processor and great screen quality. Apart from these, it has 9-12 hour back up. IF you are using some student discount(back to school offer) on Amazon you can get it at 55K If you are...
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    Apple Macbook Pro or Macbook Air

    Recently bought a macbook air on amazon for 55k with student discount(back to school offer) If you are looking for more, probably you can also get Mac air with 128gb, 8gb ram, i5 or i7 at 63-64K. however, nothing can be changed on Air later.
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    Cheap selfy Mobile under 7k

    samsung core2 duo is what i bought recently at that price. It works okay. I think it is even cheaper now if you buy from snapdeal or amazon with special offers Better than this would be Moto X but there is no front cam :(
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    Phone for friend for around 6k

    Go for XiaomiRedmi. It is a great piece with 1.5Gz and FYI you can buy on snapdeal with 5% discount using HDFC card
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    Mobile under 15k...

    I am wondering how skype can be bad on a phone that is coming from company that owns both skype and Lumia 640 XL
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    Moto G 3rd Generation Discussion

    Can any anyone confirm if this is 32bit or 64 bit?
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    Samsung Galaxy S4 Review

    Very detailed review :) It is an amazing piece with improved battery back up as mentioned but lets see how long it is going to stay with the same numbers. Most of the Samsung phones I have used, degraded soon with battery back up.
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