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    Need help choosing a name for my website !!

    LOL. Bakasuras :D
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    Need help choosing a name for my website !!

    dont people give opinions here ?
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    Need help choosing a name for my website !!

    Its a Restaurant listing site ! i have two names which one do u like ? if u dont like either please suggest one ! thanx a lot 1.Hiccup 2.Bakasuras
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    Share your Nokia N-GAGE ids..

    wanna play multiplayer..? add me userid: hmvrulz i Play ONE, POOL, System Rush, Brother in arms
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    Post ur Surnames

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    ** Post all your BSNL Broadband Related Queries Here **

    Re: **Post all your BSNL Dataone Related Queries Here** Quidway Wa1003A Huawei can some provide me the usb drivers for this modem for Vista... i am not able to use the driver provided by the cd
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    Connecting a SATA n Pata together HELP

    ASUS m2n
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    Connecting a SATA n Pata together HELP

    i tried the connecting thing by making sata primary by connecting to the 1st pin then removed the jumper off the pata to make it a slave still its booting from PATA.. let me try the F1 thing
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    sharing RAM with my on board graphics card ?

    can some one tell em how to share my ram with the on board geforce 6100 graphics card.. ? in bios i didnt find the rite settings
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    Connecting a SATA n Pata together HELP

    i recently upgraded my pc... i bought a 160gb SATA hard disk... I hav a old 80gb regular PATA hard disk.... i am not able make my SATA - primary n PATA- secondary.... but i can make pata primary with SATA working as a secondary... The reason i want SATA primary is that i can using PATA as a...
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    N95 n Bsnl Wifi Model

    can some one tell me how to connect a Nokia N95 with a Bsnl broadband supported by a Huawei WA1003A router.... Its getting connected but when i try to browse it says Gateway no reply ( error - 25505) but it works like a charm with my Pc n ibm laptop.... :shock:
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    FireFox shakes on Vista ??

    why does the bookmarks toolbar make it shake lol.... i hope firefox comes up with a fix :lol:
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    FireFox shakes on Vista ??

    i don when i surf using firefox soon as the webpage opens the window starts shaking... has any one got a solution
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    Vista over XP...... Urgent advice needed

    the only reason i don wanna upgrade is Zune aint properly compatible with VISTA...
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    Vista over XP...... Urgent advice needed

    will Mac work on my pc... if so which ver of it ??
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    Vista over XP...... Urgent advice needed

    i wanna if i can use vista over xp.... wht i wanna know is ..are most 3rd party softwares compatable in vista.... and will i get the drivers update for my harware... mine is a AMD 4200+ with asus m2n motherboard....:razz:
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    Pls help me to select a smartphone !!!

    i would suggest n70...
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    mobile dictionary

    i hav oxford dictionary... contact me over email...
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    DVD 2 High Quality AVI

    how long does it take to convert a movie into 700mb avi divx ? :eek:
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    Any Zune Users...

    not retail but in grey market may be.... on its listed.... but way expensive....i paid 11700.... but here they asking 16000
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