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    How to Reinstall OEM windows 10 on SSD

    Use Easeus partition master to migrate your windows installation to m2 ssd.
  2. aswin1

    RAW SD Card

    Which phone were you using. Try formatting in same brand phone
  3. aswin1

    Shifting history, saved passwords from one system to another

    Maybe you should not be creating a new profile folder.Check thisBack up and restore information in Firefox profiles | Firefox Hel
  4. aswin1

    Desktop PC performing dead slow after upgrade

    1 GB DDR3 ?? Use at least 4 GB.
  5. aswin1

    Does IDM auto resume broken download?

    Auto resume will work if you use start Q option to start downloading after adding files to be downloaded in the main download queue. You should also increase the no of retries in the scheduler to 1000 if that option is ticked.
  6. aswin1

    cant decide between Ups and Inverter for many reasons.

    Try Belkins surge protector
  7. aswin1

    Western digital 3tb external my book hdd?

    Since it works fine in safe mode it may be the antivirus or some similar software which is blocking the drive. Try connecting it with antivirus and firewall disabled. Also try connecting it in a back USB port as those in front sometimes give errors.
  8. aswin1

    BitTorrent client

    I am usinng qBittorrent and it works fine. No ads.
  9. aswin1

    Bad image from Laptop to TV [HDMI]

    Most likely the resolution of your laptop and TV are different. Does your laptop have a separate GPU or an onboard one.
  10. aswin1

    Playing MP 4 videos in LG LCD TV and SONY DVP SR 760 HP dvd player

    Try Format factory. Best free converter.
  11. aswin1

    Strange behavior of microSD card by Sandisk!!!

    Since it is working on office computer ask him to tranfer files to that computer format the card and transfer the data back to the card. If it still doesnt work problem is of the card reader at home.
  12. aswin1

    Suggestions for download manager

    Mipony as I mentioned in my previous post. It is full of advare now. This is an older version.
  13. aswin1

    Suggestions for download manager

    Try downloading an older version from this link *
  14. aswin1

    Suggestions for download manager

    Well when I installed I was using AVG free & I didnt have any problems. Did you download it from or elsewhere.
  15. aswin1

    Suggestions for download manager

    If you want to download from sites like rapidshare or uploaded Mipony is nice alternative though you should be careful not to install adware with it.
  16. aswin1

    .DLL file install problem

    Post proper links without adfly.If this is a cracked software it is not allowed here.
  17. aswin1

    bios update

    Most motherboard manufacturers provide thier own bios update software. You can use those. Make sure that you have UPS back up. I have flashed my bios 5 times without any problems.
  18. aswin1

    Trouble with AV

    Try Avira or AVG. Actually I am using Avast without problems. Also use ZoneAlarm or any other firewall.
  19. aswin1

    Best software to recover deleted files

    Try comfy partition recovery though it is not freeware.
  20. aswin1

    Monitor resolution adjustment

    If your GPU supports full HD then only you would get full resolution on your monitor. Use Nvidia GRAPHIC CONTROLLER to adjust resolution. Also check if you have latest drivers.
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