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  1. alltime.homie

    Windows XP Problems

    how do I find the files with the virus ?
  2. alltime.homie

    Windows XP Problems

    I am talking about my normal drives - my partitions. They have an autoplay option. How the hell did that happen ? __________ Yeah.. there is on the internet explrer title bar
  3. alltime.homie

    New Game for you......

    I can't get through the 4th level... :(
  4. alltime.homie

    Windows XP Problems

    I'm having problems with my windows XP. If I right click on my drives, it's giving me an autoplay option!!! Can anyone gimme a solution ? I'm running on Windows XP SP2, __________ Really sorry for bumping this thread, but I'd really like someone to help me out with this right now!!!
  5. alltime.homie

    Ubuntu Installation

    Ok. I should have mentioned my spec. earlier. I have a P4 2.6 Ghz, 768 MB RAM, D101Ggc chipset with integrated flexible Radeon Xpress 200 graphics card. 80 GB Seagate Barracuda, 40GB Seagate HDD. SONY DVD writer as well, if that was needed. Someone please temme how to do this, I'm desperate !!!
  6. alltime.homie

    Ubuntu Installation

    Tried installing Ubuntu 5.10 on my PC> the entire installation went smooth and after it tried to access linux, just said that the X windows system - Graphical User Interface failed to load. Tried to intall Kubuntu 5.10 and after installation, does not go into GUI. Just asks me Ubuntu login, and...
  7. alltime.homie

    NFS-U2's DRIFT Challenge Help.

    You need speed and control for this. You have enough money ? Go for an RX-7. Tremendously good for drifts. Try making use of the sand and things near the hedges - they give you major points. You'll come by a palace or something - make sure you use the off-road path near that. It gives you major...
  8. alltime.homie

    Ubuntu Installation

    Thanks a lot. I tried from my CD and I realized that I was extracting the iso files... :D Well, I know what to do now. Thanks a lot. And I think I'll wait before I get the new version. I have only 64kbps now and god knows how long that'll take to download. Thanks !
  9. alltime.homie

    Ubuntu Installation

    I need instructions to install Ubuntu 5.10 from the Digit CD. Can someone please help me ? I tried locating the ISO file for burning to a CD but could locate none after extraction. If someone could please give me step by step instructions for it, I would be grateful. Thank you very much.
  10. alltime.homie

    Is This Freedom?

    Re: is this freedom??? And to Punish Terrorists, you need to identify them. Don't you all agree ? And to identify terrorists, we need to get it out of the few corrupted (read %$#!!*@) politicians who take their help and cover their identities, don't you agree ? Years of struggle for what we...
  11. alltime.homie

    where has my money gone????

    Right. You can't go for any other scheme when you're on lifetime plan.
  12. alltime.homie

    Is America better than India???

    See that's exactly what I'm talking about. Parents don't give their consent, keeping in mind what the rest of the community would think of them. Although child labour is valid only for those below 15, we really aren't allowed to boost our earnings until we're eighteen or so. Like you said so...
  13. alltime.homie

    Home PC for sale

    I am selling them all as one piece. You interested ? People who are interested may please PM me here or contact me on my cell, if you would like to talk to me. I will give my cell no. if you PM me for it.
  14. alltime.homie

    6th Potter magic slated for 2008

    Firstly, the seventh book is expected to be launched late 2007 around July. Secondly, if you know the thread is about the movie, why even open talk about the book in here ? Thirdly, a lot of us might be thinking the movies are just as good as the books even if they are altered, so it's not...
  15. alltime.homie

    Politicians should be banned from University Campus?

    Firstly, politicians should never be involved with students. THe whole "backing up of students" is bad. As such, the education system are being ruined by them and their bright ideas of providing reservations. And to add to it all, they try to "actively" involve themselves in less "appreciable"...
  16. alltime.homie

    Home PC for sale

    Pentium 4 2.66 Ghz 768 MB DDR 333Mhz RAM Intel D101Ggc chipset Seagate 80GB + 40GB HDD @ 7200rpm Sony DVD Writer Intex Keyboard, Creative Speakers, IBM Optical mouse The above mentioned are 6 months old. Microtek 15 inch monitor - 4 to 5 years old. Flickers a bit. I am willing to...
  17. alltime.homie

    hi guys! problem with fifa 2006

    Did you try reinstalling the game after completely removing it from your computer ? And this problem does not persist only due to Pirated copies of FIFA. I borrowed my friend's original and the first time, this happened. But after reinstallation, the problem went *poof*
  18. alltime.homie

    [Preview + Feedback] Digit September 2006

    And lemme see... it's gonna be somewhat like Trillian then. Is it gonna have all Yahoo! features like audibles and emoticons ?
  19. alltime.homie

    [By Demand] Digit October 2006 DVD/CD

    Please please please - Symbian S60 theme studio ! It's free ! * COme on people ! I actually gave the link !!!! Please please please ! I'm just not able to download it ! :D
  20. alltime.homie

    so, how many of you used the windows media player 11

    Not at all slow starting up and very neat. I like the original black-blue it comes in. Very sleek, and great to use.
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