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  1. Xtormrage

    "To Be Released" Games discussion....

    Any Fable 3 news for PC? It was delayed. :(
  2. Xtormrage

    Needs Games for newbiee

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Counter Strike
  3. Xtormrage

    Graphic Card vs. Gaming console

    Look, I had Norton AntiVirus 2010 installed. The virus cleaned my HDD along with my antivirus. :( Anyways, the PS3 controller is more fun than a mouse. My opinion. The only real issue I had is that I couldn't get a PS3 Headphone+Mic in India.
  4. Xtormrage

    Graphic Card vs. Gaming console

    PS3 for sure. The FPS games on PC have bvecome a joke since they are easily modded and hacked. Plus your PC can get a virus and crash. My Dell Alienware 15X did frequently. I lost about 1 lac. on it. :(
  5. Xtormrage

    Monitor for PS3

    Dell ST2210
  6. Xtormrage

    PS3 Games Exchange Thread

    We all do get tired of buying a game costing 2.5K that lasts a week or so. Instead of it remaining a waste, why not exchange it to get another game. So, more games at no extra cost! :) Posting Guidelines Game: Name of the game Version: Standard/ Limited Edition Date of Purchase...
  7. Xtormrage

    Post here about your online console gaming experience !

    1. Sony PlayStation 3 2. Airtel 256-512 Kbps 3. Delhi NCR 4. Battlefield: Bad Company 2/ Transformers: War for Cybertron 5. a) **** Minor connection timeouts. b) ***** No lag. :)
  8. Xtormrage

    what to buy xbox360 or ps3..?

    Let's start. 1. Cost If you buy original ones, the price is the same. But if your XBox is modded, then... 2. Availability Good, but a little more PS3 games are found. 3. Quality Excellent on both though the PS3 exclusives i.e not available on any other platform are graphically...
  9. Xtormrage

    Upcoming ps3 games.......

    Not much as the summer was a busy one with hosts of releases already. ;)
  10. Xtormrage

    What are the chances?

    The only model of XBox 360 available in India, the Arcade is prone to the infamous RROD. The options are waiting for the new XBox to arrive or buying a PC/PS3. Wii is not enjoyable at all if ytou are looking for some serious gaming. The PS2 will be officially stopped at the end of this year. Go...
  11. Xtormrage

    Playstation Gamerz

    Anybody up for a round of BFBC2?
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